When everything breaks down, Lawrence is at his best

When everything breaks down, Lawrence is at his best


When everything breaks down, Lawrence is at his best


No FBS quarterback had more touchdown passes on the run last year than Clemson’s quarterback

As he crossed the back of the end zone, Tee Higgins yelled out to Trevor Lawrence “don’t throw the football.”

Of course, Lawrence did not hear Higgins as he rolled to his left and fired a missile towards Hunter Renfrow in the front corner of the end zone. Lawrence’s pass went right over the head of a Georgia Tech linebacker and only where Renfrow could make the catch.

Renfrow caught the pass and Higgins ran over and celebrated the touchdown with his teammates. When they got back to the sideline, Higgins asked Lawrence if he saw the linebacker sitting there.

“Yes,” Lawrence said confidently. “I knew I could make it.”

Higgins says that is what it is like playing with Trevor Lawrence. No play is ever over, even if it looks like things are breaking down around him.

“He just knows how to make plays,” Higgins said. “He doesn’t get rattled and he keeps his eyes downfield the whole time.”

Lawrence led all FBS quarterbacks last year with 8 touchdown passes while scrambling out of the pocket. His ability to extend plays come second nature to him and makes his receivers work to always stay with the play.

The 6-foot-6, 220-pound quarterback is so good at extending plays, Clemson works on scrambling drills in practice.

“We worked on it a good bit during camp,” Lawrence said. “And then during practice when we scrimmage our defense. That comes up a lot, so we have had a lot of film and examples to look at, whether it is good examples or bad examples to correct. So, the guys have done a good job of being in the right spots.”

Justyn Ross was in the right spot in last week’s win against Texas A&M. In the second quarter, Lawrence rolled to his left after escaping pressure and then has he got near the Clemson sideline, he dropped a 30-yard dime to Ross in the end zone, who worked his way open behind the A&M secondary.

Normally, rolling to their left is not easy for a right-handed quarterback. But Lawrence isn’t like most quarterbacks.

“It has always been kind of my most comfortable thing,” Lawrence said. “Just kind of getting out and making a play happen when nothing is there. So, I have always kind of had a knack for that.”

And he makes it look so easy.

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