Scott proud of the offense in all facets

Scott proud of the offense in all facets


Scott proud of the offense in all facets


After a dominating 41-6 victory over Syracuse Saturday night, No. 1 Clemson improved to 3-0 on the season. The win also marked the Tigers’ 18th consecutive victory making it the longest win streak in Clemson history.

Co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott is very pleased with all facets of the offense up to this point in the season.

Scott on Amari Rodgers’ touchdown

“That was huge. How hard he has worked, during those long rehab sessions when it’s just you and the trainer, when you’re in there early in the morning or late at night and you’re thinking about those moments that are coming up. For him to be able to go out there and do it on that stage was really big for him and his confidence. Also for our entire offense, to get Amari back. Obviously, we have a lot of talented guys but Amari is a different type of player for us too in that wide receiver room that brings a lot so everybody was very happy for him.”

 Scott on Trevor Lawrence’s interceptions

“I think the one on the sideline, Tee (Higgins) didn’t win his matchup and didn’t separate as much as he would’ve liked him to that caused the ball to have a chance to get tipped. Then the second one to the field, Trevor just made a poor decision and should’ve thrown the ball outside to (Diondre) Overton. He tried to fit that ball in that small window. Sometimes when you have an arm like Trevor has, he’s been used to getting away with a lot of those throws, and you have to get back out there and kind of go through it and learn from it.”

Scott on the Lawrence critics

“I think it’s natural anytime you put yourself in a position being a quarterback, being a talented guy, high-profile guy, you’re going to…. good Lord willing, if he stays healthy he’s going to play for a long time. He’s going to be analyzed and critiqued for a long time. I think the biggest thing for him and for us is to realize that anything that’s being said outside really doesn’t mean anything. It’s really all about keeping things in sight and working to improve in the meeting room and learning and really knowing the truth of what’s going on and not getting caught up.”

Scott on Frank Ladson Jr. 

“I was proud of Frank. I know early in the game we tried to target him a couple of times on some deep balls and we weren’t able to connect. But for him to go in there, that was a great catch he made right there in the back of the end zone. That’s something you have to remind yourself as a coach too. Whenever I went back to … that was my fourth of fifth time there. But we have a lot of freshmen and sophomores where that was their first time there. And that was the freshmen’s first road game, first experience with that, so to see him go make that play is really big for his confidence moving forward.”

Scott on Jackson Carman

I’m very proud of Jackson. Obviously, that was a huge role to fill because of what Mitch (Hyatt) has done for us offensively. He was there for four years so it’s kind of different not seeing Mitch there. Jackson, from where he came into the program as a freshman to where he is now is a huge difference. So, I’m very proud of him.”

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