Will Swinney says Tigers are focused             

Will Swinney says Tigers are focused             


Will Swinney says Tigers are focused             


Clemson wide receiver Will Swinney took a minute to step away from preparing for Saturday’s (7:30pm) home game against the Charlotte 49ers to answer questions from the media.

Swinney, now a team veteran of three years, gave insight on the team’s mindset, his best memories with his family and his teammates, and the upcoming game on Saturday.

Swinney on getting to play with his brother Drew.

“It’s been fun. Last week, we actually did something coming down versus Texas A&M where we high fived coming down the hill. I think they actually captured it on TV and that was pretty neat. Just little moments like that and being able to spend time with him and enjoy this ride with him. We room together now at home games because they travel more guys for that so that’s been really cool because we’ve grown up at the team hotel staying with our dad. Now we’re players getting to room with each other, so that’s been really cool getting to experience this with Drew.”

Swinney on keeping the Touch Chart for his dad growing up

“That started in 2009 and started out as, ‘Let’s make sure that C.J. Spiller is getting the ball.’ That had been a problem some years before. He got the idea from Al Grove at Virginia the year before because his son used to do stuff like that for him. He just wanted to find a way to get my brother and I involved and help out on Saturdays. Drew would do the ‘First, Second, Down-Run-Pass Chart’ for the offense and defense to make sure we were balanced and I would just do the Touch Chart so every time a player touched a ball, I would keep track and we’d show it to him at halftime. That was just a fun way to keep us involved. They would use it sometimes. I remember one-time Jacoby Ford had only one touch at halftime, so they made sure he got the ball. It was cool doing that growing up.”

Swinney on his former teammate and roommate Hunter Renfrow

“It’s been weird with him not being here for sure. We roomed together at the games too and he was my roommate last year. We had little traditions we would do before the game that I miss but it’s been awesome to see him achieving his dream playing in the NFL. He’s been doing a great job for the Raiders. They have a much-improved team with all those Clemson guys helping out. I know they had a tough one this Sunday, but it’s surreal watching. I’ve been practicing with him all these years and now he’s out there playing for the Raiders so it’s really cool to see. I’ve missed him some, but he’s coming back for the Florida State game. We’re going to hang out that week so it should be fun.”

Swinney on Team 124

“That’s something that the coaches have brought up to us this year as just a new way to think about it. There’s been 123 teams to come before us and we want to be able to make them proud. We know that people came before us and laid the foundation for what we have today. It’s another way to think about this team. We didn’t focus on having a win streak coming into the season. Team 124, we hadn’t accomplished anything. We hadn’t won a game. We hadn’t won a home game, away game, and we hadn’t won a championship. We’re thinking of it as, ‘Team 124 is the new journey and we’re going to see how great this team can be.’ It just gives us that good mindset.”

Swinney on staying levelheaded amidst the team’s success

“We play to a standard every week, I know y’all have heard my dad say that plenty of times, but it’s true. Every week we’re focused on getting better every day, and all we’re promised is today so we’re going to make sure that we’re our very best. The opponent we’re playing, Charlotte, they have a lot of great athletes too. You look around and there are some teams that may not have the best records, but every team has good players. Charlotte, they’re 2-1. They’re going to be a great challenge for us. But regardless of who we play, it’s been so drilled into us that we’re going to put our best foot forward. At the end of the day, we spend so much time doing mat drills and workouts, when you get a chance to go play in Death Valley only seven days of the year, we’re always going to be pumped up. That’s just the way we look at it. It’s just another chance to go play football and we’re going to put our best foot forward.”

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