Venables says NC State will 'have flavors' for both QBs

Venables says NC State will 'have flavors' for both QBs


Venables says NC State will 'have flavors' for both QBs


Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables is thankful for the philosophy head coach Dabo Swinney has on playing many players.

Venables says it is vital to developing their players, and it gives a different level of energy all season.

Venables on being able to go deep in the depth chart

“I’m just thankful that Coach Swinney has a philosophy where that’s important. As we have said many times, it’s really good at developing your team from one year to the next. It’s good for the moral of the team. It brings a lot of energy to practices and meetings and certainly to game day when you are able to play more guys. Some weeks you’re fortunate to play a lot and some weeks the opportunity just isn’t there. When you get those opportunities, you want to take advantage of it.”

Venables on NC State’s offense

“I’m sure they have flavors for each QB, but they are just running their offense and trying to be efficient by using their personnel. They have a good collection of skill around them in a system that has been really good for a long time now.”

Venables on his son Jake Venables’ performance

“He’s been practicing a little over a week now. He came back and had a good week of preparation. Luckily, we had a good handle on the game, and he got in there and made the most of his opportunity. He’s been practicing well, and it’s good to see that happen for him. Moving forward just building confidence and continue to build your depth.”

Venables on NC State’s offensive line

“They play really well. You can tell they are well coached. They have cohesion and chemistry…They have done a good job recruiting and developing their guys. I know they’ve got a couple banged up, but the guys coming in have really done well.”

Venables on developing Isaiah Simmons

“Well, he came in as a runner and a hitter and not a lot of strength. He was long, kind of like Bambi. He had a ton of energy and very willing. We almost played him the first year in that dime package as our dime backer. We decided against it and redshirted him, just thinking about the longevity of his career…losing Dorian (O’Daniel), we knew we had to make the move in the off season. It was really good. In some ways easy, as far as skill set, his length, his toughness and willingness to tackle. Then others it was how to find his skills again.”

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