Is any QB playing better than Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence?

Is any QB playing better than Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence?


Is any QB playing better than Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence?


Is there another quarterback in the country that is playing better than Trevor Lawrence right now? If there is, there’s not too many.

In Saturday’s 52-3 victory over Wake Forest, Clemson’s quarterback completed 21 of 27 passes for 272 yards and 4 touchdowns. And just as importantly, the sophomore did not turn the football over for a fourth straight game.

“Probably. I don’t know. I would have to go back to last year,” said Lawrence when asked if this was the best five-game stretch of his college career. “I really don’t remember at this point, but I have been happy with how I have taken care of the ball and I feel like I have done a good job of just trusting the system and have given guys a chance. That is always what I wanted to do is just get the ball to guys that could make plays and let them do what they do. I feel like I have done a good job of that.”

After starting the Louisville game rough—3-for-7 for 9 yards, two interceptions and no touchdowns—Lawrence has not thrown an interception in the last 19 quarters and is completing 77.4 percent of his passes.

In those 19 quarters, he has completed 86-of-111 passes for 1,265 yards and 16 touchdowns.

“Obviously, there are still some plays, like tonight out there that I can do a better job of, whether it is taking a sack or just throwing the ball away a little earlier,” Lawrence said. “I missed Tee (Higgins) in the end zone one time, but there are always going to be those things, but that is something I look forward to on Monday. Coming in and seeing that ‘Okay, I played well, but there can be something else that I can get better at.’”

Granted, there were a few plays Lawrence could have done better on in the win over Wake. He missed a blitzing safety on one play and had to take a sack. On another he hung on to the ball too long before finally getting the pass away. But he also threw four touchdown passes, finding Higgins on three of them and Joseph Ngata on another.

His second touchdown pass to Higgins, a 14-yard toss in the left corner of the end zone, was thrown perfectly, a place Higgins said afterwards where only he could make the play. The ball was placed perfectly over the heads and hands of two Wake Forest defenders.

“It is like that every week and it is cool seeing when you do play well, going in and seeing that if I did not have this play or that play, I could have had a great game,” Lawrence said. “So, it is cool seeing those couple of plays where if I could have had those back, how good could I have really played. So, every week I am kind of chasing that and trying to play better each week.”

It’s seems as if it is working. Lawrence’s four touchdown passes marked the first time in his 26-game career, 22 as a starter, he has thrown four touchdown passes in a single game.

“It is kind of crazy, but it is just a product of what the whole team has done … defense and, obviously the receivers, the O-line and the running backs,” he said. “All of that plays into it. It is not just me, for sure.”

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