Allen goes in-depth about his Clemson official visit

Allen goes in-depth about his Clemson official visit


Allen goes in-depth about his Clemson official visit


Many members of Clemson’s No. 1-ranked 2020 recruiting class were on campus for their official visits this past weekend, including Fort Valley (Ga.) Peach County four-star linebacker Sergio Allen.

Allen became one of the first commits in the Tigers’ 2020 class when he pledged in July 2018. Now, he is less than two months away from starting his college career when he enrolls at Clemson in January.

The Clemson Insider spoke with Allen about his official visit experience this past weekend.

TCI: How did you enjoy the visit?

Allen: “I can’t wait to get up here and get it started!”

TCI: What were your favorite parts of the official visit experience?

Allen: “Being with the class and just being full of laughs and good times. Going to Dabo’s house was amazing.”

TCI: What did you hear from Swinney when you met with him individually?

Allen: “We talked about the process it’s been from where the class started with Demonte (Capehart) and myself being the first two to get the class going, to now being No. 1, but we also said the rankings don’t mean anything. It’s about what we do when we get there.”

TCI: Who came with you to Clemson and how did they enjoy their time on campus?

Allen: “My mom, sister, brother-in-law and nephew. They all loved it. We ate a lot (laughing).”

TCI: Of course, five-star Clemson linebacker target Justin Flowe was on campus for his official visit last weekend as well. How much time did you spend around him and what was your pitch to him for why he should join Clemson’s 2020 class?

Allen: “Spent a lot of time with him. There really was no message. If I’m trying to recruit you I don’t want you to feel like I’m trying too hard for you, I just try and build a lasting bond. We laughed a lot, we talked a lot and I know how he feels but I won’t say because that’s Flowe’s job. I will say it seemed like he loved Clemson and our class!”

TCI: Who was your player host?

Allen: “Vonta Bentley, that’s like my brother. He’s so down to earth. We talked about a lot and he just gave me advice and told me I made the right choice to come to Clemson.”

TCI: Did this official visit make you even more excited to start your Clemson career when you enroll early in January?

Allen: “It did. I’m just ready to get the process started, get the playbook down and help the team however I can. No matter what!”

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