Wallace on Clemson: ‘We’re the best darn team in the country’

Wallace on Clemson: ‘We’re the best darn team in the country’


Wallace on Clemson: ‘We’re the best darn team in the country’


Clemson safety K’Von Wallace does not take kindly to his team being ranked No. 3 in the country, behind Ohio State and LSU.

Wallace believes the reigning national champions are the top team in the country once again and feels the Tigers have been disrespected this season by the media.

“I do understand LSU being highly ranked because of who they beat — four top-10 teams, three top-10 teams, something like that,” Wallace said on Monday. “I understand Ohio State winning a couple good matchups. But to sit there and say that we are the No. 3 best team… Like I said to y’all before the season started, I’m going to continue to say it – we’re the best darn team in the country, and y’all will see it every Saturday. Stay tuned.”

Wallace was clearly irritated by the fact that Clemson sits at No. 3 in the College Football Rankings, AP Top 25 and Coaches Poll, despite the fact the Tigers have won 27 straight games.

After becoming the first 15-0 team in NCAA history last season, Wallace knows the Tigers (12-0) will have to be perfect again this season to defend their national title.

“I feel like it’s ridiculous,” he said. “Swinney always says we’ve got to go out there and just to be ranked No. 1 we have to do the unthinkable. I love it, though. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Being ranked 3 and we haven’t lost since my sophomore year — it’s the craziest thing I’ve ever been a part of. Just to think about that, I haven’t lost one football game since my sophomore year and we are only ranked No. 3. That’s crazy to me.”

Many in the media have knocked Clemson because of its perceived weak ACC schedule, but Wallace says the Tigers’ opponents are no slouches.

“We are playing Power Five schools,” he said. “Yes, they’re not ranked, but we are playing Power Five schools that can beat you any given night. We have to prepare hard for each and every week no matter who we play.”

While Wallace does not like where Clemson is ranked, he is not letting the rankings become a distraction as the Tigers prepare to play Virginia in the ACC Championship Game on Saturday.

“It is what it is. I can’t control it. We can’t control it,” Wallace said. “All we can do is control what we have in this building. All we can do is control what goes on as our mindset, as a unit, as this game plan goes on. All we can do is dominate the game plan that our coaches have for us.”

Expect Wallace and the Tigers to continue playing with a chip on their shoulder for the remainder of the campaign.

“I’m saying it is what it is and like I said we know what we’re capable of,” Wallace said. “We’ve been doubted before the season started, and we are definitely going to put our best four quarters to UVA. That’s what we’re focused on.”

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