Chalk: ‘It will be just another road game’

Chalk: ‘It will be just another road game’


Chalk: ‘It will be just another road game’


Clemson tight end J.C. Chalk is prepared for what LSU may try to run against them in the National Championship.

Chalk gives praise to his teammates and how playing as “the underdog” won’t be a factor in Monday night’s game against LSU from the Superdome in New Orleans.

Chalk on his grandfather, former Alabama head coach Gene Stallings, and Dabo Swinney’s coaching resemblance

“He will say some of the same stuff that I have heard my grandpa say since I was like eight-years old. It is kind of funny. I enjoy it. It is nice to hear him speak like that sometimes because I don’t get to see my grandpa all the time, so sometimes I feel like I get a little bit from him when he is talking.”

Chalk on something Stallings and Swinney both do or say

“Coach Swinney always says ‘run your antennas up’ when he wants you to listen to him. I have never heard that before. I am like there is no way anyone else could say this but my grandpa. He says it all the time, so it is kind of funny.”

Chalk on playing LSU in New Orleans

“There will probably be more LSU fans there than Clemson fans just because of where it is. It will be like any other away game. We just have to prepare and be focused on the little things. Just stuff that is going to matter. Don’t listen to the noise and try to cancel it out. I don’t think it will be an advantage, but it will be fun.”

Chalk on Clemson’s offense

“We have so many weapons on offense. We have explosive receivers. We have Travis Etienne at running back. Trevor who can do everything. Our offensive line is the best in the country. We have guys everywhere that can play and be explosive.”

Chalk on how Trevor opens the offense, being able to run as well as he can throw

“Yeah, like last week, guys were in man coverage down the field so Trevor was able to use his legs. That huge touchdown, being able to do that puts the defense in stress. They have to have a guy prepared for him to run. It takes one guy out of whatever else he would have been doing.”

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