Super Bowl winning Tigers

Super Bowl winning Tigers


Super Bowl winning Tigers


Complete history, facts of Clemson players who won the big game

Over the years, 28 former Clemson Tigers have been on at least one Super Bowl Championship Team. The last of course, was tight end Dwayne Allen, who helped New England last year win Super Bowl LIII.

Allen was the first Tiger since Seattle’s Super Bowl win over Denver in Super Bowl XLVIII to win a Super Bowl. Byron Maxwell was a starting cornerback for the Seahawks’ 2013 team.

There was a stretch for six consecutive seasons from 1984-’89 when at least one former Tiger earned a Super Bowl ring. There was also a stretch from 1996-2000 that at least one Tiger won a Super Bowl every year.

The 1987 Washington Redskins had the most Clemson players on one team to earn a Super Bowl ring. Kicker Obed Ariri, center Jeff Bostic, defensive Dan Benish and tight end K.D. Dunn helped the Redskins beat John Elway and Denver, 42-10, in XXII that afternoon in San Diego.

After Washington’s four, the 1981 San Francisco 49ers and the 1986 New York Giants had three Clemson players on their Super Bowl winning teams. Wide receiver Dwight Clark, defensive tackle Archie Reese and defensive tackle Jim Stuckey were on the 1981 49ers, who won Super Bowl XVI. Cornerback Ty Davis, linebacker Andy Headen and safety Terry Kinard played for the Giants 1986 team that won Super Bowl XXI.

The first Clemson player to ever win a Super Bowl was running back Bill Mathis in Super Bowl III. He was a part of Joe Namath’s guarantee to beat the NFL’s Baltimore Colts. That’s when the New York Jets were still a part of the American Football League and the NFL-AFL merger had not been completed. The Jets won the game, 16-7.

Charlie Waters, who played for the Dallas Cowboys, was the first Clemson player to win multiple Super Bowls. He was a safety for the Cowboys when they beat Miami, 24-3, in Super Bowl V and Denver, 27-10, in Super Bowl XII.

Benning Cunningham also won two Super Bowls. He helped the Pittsburgh Steelers beat Dallas, 35-31, in Super Bowl XIII and then the Rams, 31-19, in Super Bowl XIV.

Jeff Bostic owns the most Super Bowl rings by a former Clemson player. Bostic helped the Redskins win Super Bowl XVII over Miami, 27-17, Super Bowl XXII over Denver and Super Bowl XXVI, 37-24, over Buffalo.

Former Clemson running back Terrence Flagler won two Super Bowls (XXIII and XXIV) as a member of the 49ers, while defensive tackle Trevor Pryce won two with the Broncos (XXXII and XXXIII). He is the last Tiger to win multiple Super Bowl titles.

Cunningham, Flagler and Pryce are the only former Tigers to win back-to-back Super Bowl titles.

William Perry was the first former Tiger to win both a college football national championship and a Super Bowl. He was a part of the Tigers’ 1981 National Championship Team and then, as a rookie, he helped the Chicago Bears beat the New England Patriots, 46-10, in Super Bowl XX.

Perry, who played defensive tackle, even ran the ball in from a yard out to become, not only the first Clemson player to score a touchdown in a Super Bowl, but he is the only former Tiger to score one. He was also a freshman on Clemson’s 1981 team that won it all. He was the first player in the Super Bowl era to win a national championship as a true freshman in college and a Super Bowl in his rookie season.

Only five former Clemson players in history have won a college football national championship and a Super Bowl. Perry (Chicago, Super Bowl XX), Andy Headen (Giants, Super Bowl XXI), Terry Kinard (Giants, Super Bowl XXI), Dan Benish (Washington, Super Bowl XXII) and K.D. Dunn (Washington, Super Bowl XXII). They were all members of Clemson’s 1981 National Championship Team.

No former Clemson player has won a national championship and then a Super Bowl since the 1987 football season. O’Daniel has the opportunity to be the first player from Clemson’s most recent national championship teams to win a Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Champion Tigers

Super Bowl III

  • RB Bill Mathis, RB, Jets

Super Bowl VI

  • Charlie Waters, S, Cowboys

Super Bowl IX

  • John McMakin, TE, Steelers

Super Bowl XII

  • Charlie Waters, S, Cowboys

Super Bowl XIII

  • Bennie Cunningham, TE, Steelers

Super Bowl XIV

  • Bennie Cunningham, TE, Steelers

Super Bowl XVI

  • Dwight Clark, WR, 49ers
  • Archie Reese, DT, 49ers
  • Jim Stuckey, DT, 49ers

Super Bowl XVII

  • Jeff Bostic, C, Redskins

Super Bowl XXIX

  • Dwight Clark, WR, 49ers
  • Jim Stuckey, DT, 49ers

Super Bowl XX

  • William Perry, DT, Bears

Super Bowl XXI

  • Ty Davis, CB, Giants
  • Andy Headen, LB, Giants
  • Terry Kindard, S, Giants

Super Bowl XXII

  • Obed Ariri, K, Redskins
  • Dan Benish, DT, Redskins
  • Jeff Bostic, C, Redskins
  • D. Dunn, TE, Redskins

Super Bowl XXIII

  • Terrance Flagler, RB, 49ers

Super Bowl XXIV

  • Terrance Flagler, RB, 49ers

Super Bowl XXVI

  • Jeff Bostic, C, Redskins

Super Bowl XXXI

  • Wayne Simmons, LB, Packers

Super Bowl XXXII

  • Trevor Pryce, DT, Broncos

Super Bowl XXXIII

  • Trevor Pryce, DT, Broncos

Super Bowl XXXIV

  • Tony Horne, WR, Rams
  • Dexter McCleon, CB, Rams

Super Bowl XXXV

  • James Trapp, DB, Ravens

Super Bowl XL

  • Chris Gardocki, P, Steelers

Super Bowl XLIII

  • Nick Eason, DT, Steelers

Super Bowl XLIV

  • Anthony Waters, LB, Saints

Super Bowl XLVIII

  • Bryon Maxwell, CB, Seahawks

Super Bowl LIII

  • Dwayne Allen, TE, Patriots

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