Elliott on coaching without Scott, relationship between Etienne, Dixon

Elliott on coaching without Scott, relationship between Etienne, Dixon


Elliott on coaching without Scott, relationship between Etienne, Dixon


For Clemson football and especially Tony Elliot, Clemson has been a little different without Jeff Scott as co-offensive coordinator, who is now the head coach at South Florida. Earlier this week, Elliot talked about how his role has changed as offensive coordinator and how Clemson football will continue to be successful through their family atmosphere.

Elliot talked about his challenging conversations with both Travis Etienne and Lyn-J Dixon after Etienne decided to stay at Clemson for his senior year.

Elliot on how his job has changed and what it is like without Jeff Scott

“In terms of the job not much has changed, I think the real impact is when we get to the season. The biggest thing for us, we don’t want to disrupt the chemistry. I think it was what made us successful, when Jeff and I were here, we had good chemistry. I can’t make it about a new job for me because we are gonna operate the same, but just some responsibilities will transition.”

Elliot on if Scott leaving his side is a rebirth for him professionally

“I don’t know that it would be a rebirth. I knew the time was coming, you prepare yourself in your mind. We never make it about us, we just say this is how we need to be structured, the work that has to be done and everybody be the best at your role. Really excited for Jeff and I can’t wait to get on the road and see it.”

Elliot on having Travis Etienne back

“For Travis I wanted to make sure I educated him best on my understanding on what is ahead, then the decision is up to him. Really wasn’t surprised, being around Travis, the young man he is. He cares about being a leader in his family, how much he cares about his education and where he values football. To have a guy like that come back as a coach makes you a better coach.”

Elliot on younger guys behind Travis that were expecting to step into his role this year

“For some of those younger guys they had to make a decision. They probably came here thinking Travis will make the transition after three years and then would have the opportunity to compete.”

Elliot on Lyn-J Dixon expecting to step into Travis’s spot

“Lyn-J is one who is really just figuring out life. He is a guy who is very competitive and wants to play. He was geared up for his opportunity to naturally step into the role. Really proud of him, he decided ‘I’m going to step back and mature and grow’ and see it as an opportunity to play with a pro and learn how to prepare like a pro. Really take advantage of his opportunity. Not worry about the quantity of his reps but more about the quality. Really proud of his maturity, he is ready to challenge and compete.”

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