Williams says freshmen defensive linemen will be fun to watch

Williams says freshmen defensive linemen will be fun to watch


Williams says freshmen defensive linemen will be fun to watch


This time last year, Clemson defensive tackle Jordan Williams was on the sideline nursing an injury. The redshirt junior said last spring he had to take on a different role and played one of a student-coach as opposed to be being a player.

So far, as the Tigers just wrapped up Day 8 of spring practice, last year’s experience has helped Williams focus on the little things better and is allowing him to become more technically sound as a defensive tackle.

The media caught up with the 6-foot-4, 310-pound defensive lineman following Monday’s practice at the Poe Indoor Practice Facility in Clemson.

Any heavy package plans for you this year?

“I told you last year, my number prevents me from being on the field at that time, but I think I am the guy for it. I think I would score.”

What have you seen out of the mid-year enrollees on the defensive line?

“They are very exciting to watch, especially Brian [Bresee], DeMonte [Capehart] and Myles [Murphy]. They are explosive guys who are still learning things, but you can tell they are going to get it and when they do, it is going to be fun to see.”

What is different about you this year?

“I am practicing in the spring, so it feels good to be able to get down those technical things and opposed to getting in there and going non-stop like it is in [fall] camp, kind of. But it is going pretty good. I am just focusing on the things I struggle with the most. I am just taking my time to get better each day and focusing on being better at something different.”

How has this spring been for the team?

“It is a good feeling. Everybody wants to make each other great. People are competing each and every day, but it is a good competitive edge everybody has. Nobody is out here trying to hurt anybody or anything like that. Everybody is trying to make each other better, so it has been a good spring so far. We have a couple of more days to get better, so it is very exciting.”

How important is this spring for you?

“It is super important. Last year, I had to take on a different kind of role, more as a coach or a student of the game and had to watch more and look at it from a different angle. Now, that I was able to look at those things and adjust to them last season, I have more knowledge this spring to focus on the little things that can help me be a better player.”

Is this defensive line going to be better than last year, and what needs to be different?

“I can’t really say that right now. We are going to just keep working and trying to improve. The thing that is different from last year is that we are all a year older, so we have guys that are stepping up that know they have to grow up and we are just a year older than last year. I don’t know if we are better than we were last year, but that is what we are working for and we want to keep improving.”

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