Bockhorst not counting out the new O-Line

Bockhorst not counting out the new O-Line


Bockhorst not counting out the new O-Line


For Matt Bockhorst it is his time to step into the spotlight on Clemson’s offensive line. After spending his first three years on the sideline and as a reserve player, the redshirt junior is excited to have his turn as a starter. The Ohio native is excited about the offensive line and says there are still All-ACC caliber guys up front, and he would not count them out.

Bockhorst on the team returning for spring practice after the national championship

“It has been good. I think guys get a little antsy towards the end of January to get back on the field and get the pads popping again, especially after a game like [the national championship]. I think guys are really eager to move forward to the next season.”

Bockhorst on being patient and waiting for his time

“I definitely take a lot of pride in it. I am really thankful for the guys who have come before me and guys that have taken me under their wing, John SImpson notably. Now that it is my time, it is something I have to pay forward to the young guys.”

Bockhorst on leading new guys

“The biggest thing is don’t freak out. You’ve come in your first day it is pretty overwhelming. The speed of the game, the physicality. The biggest thing is to take it one day at a time, and learn as much as you can, absorb the offense.”

Bockhorst on having All-ACC caliber players on the line this year

“Absolutely, obviously talent, physicality, toughness, is huge but people can downplay the importance of camaraderie and chemistry between those five guys up front. I’m excited to see how far we can go I think the sky’s the limit.”

Bockhorst on if it’s fair for people to say there will be a drop off up front

“I wouldn’t buy into that, having Coach [Robbie] Caldwell as your coach, first off, he doesn’t accept much less than perfect. Number two, we lost talented guys but I wouldn’t say there is a drop off.”

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