NFL teams say Johnson made himself some money

NFL teams say Johnson made himself some money


NFL teams say Johnson made himself some money


When he got done with Pro Day on Thursday, former Clemson safety Denzel Johnson kept getting one thing said to him from the 32 NFL scouts that were on hand for the Tigers’ annual event at the Poe Indoor Practice Facility in Clemson.

“You have made a lot of money.”

Johnson put himself into position to make some money at the NFL level by having a very good workout. The safety ran an official 4.5 in the 40-yard dash, to go along with a 34.5 inch vertical jump and nearly a 10-foot broad jump.

The 6-foot, 205-pound defensive back also ran a 1.51 in the short shuttle, matching teammate Isaiah Simmons for the best time by a Clemson player.

How did you feel out there today?

“I felt good. I met all my goals. Everything was good. Everything was smooth.”

What were your goals coming into today?

“Mainly, to run [the 40 well], and I did that. Having a nice solid broad jump and a great vertical. Everything! Hustling, everything. I ended up having two drops, but I will make up for that.”

Did you expect to run that fast?

“Yeah, I did. I have been working for about two months with Super Star Sports Performance. They actually got me right, really, really good.”

What was this whole experience like for you?

“It was great. It was a great experience. It was a lot different than what I imagined in my head. Everything was smooth and it was calm and everything.”

Did you get a lot of feedback today?

“Oh yeah! I made a lot of money, that is what they said. They said I had a lot of good hustle, good footwork … and they said I made a lot of money.”

Is it a relief knowing all that hard work is being noticed?

“Yes, it paid off. I am about to celebrate with some Cold Stone [ice cream]. It is a big relief.”

What will be your order?

“I will get the Giant Cup. Oreo Ice Cream with M&Ms in it, marsh mellows all stuck together with sprinkles.”

Have you had any meetings with any of the teams?

“None, yet. Hopefully, after my performance, some will come and talk.”

Were you nervous coming in?

“Honestly, I did not have any nerves. It is football. I am so used to being under pressure. National Championships, championship games in the ACC. This was … this was not nothing to be nervous about at all. I already knew I put in all the work, so everything else was easy.”

Did you feel like you had something to prove?

“I definitely had a lot to prove. I had a big chip on my shoulder. and I feel like I opened up a lot of eyes to a lot of people. I put in the work, so let’s see what happens.”

What are you the proudest of today?

“My 40-time. That was my main focus. A lot of people thought I was slow, so I think a changed a lot of people’s perspective with that.”

How hard is it that you have no clue for what’s next?

“It goes 50-50. I am big on whatever God does or whatever His plan is. I just trust that and continue to grind. I am at peace. That is really not a big deal with me.”

What was it like knowing this was your final time working out with your teammates in this facility?

“It was fun! It was really, really exciting. Like yesterday, we were out here, even though the field is torn up, it was a great feeling. I love all of them.”

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