Radakovich on state of Clemson athletics in light of COVID-19 pandemic

Radakovich on state of Clemson athletics in light of COVID-19 pandemic


Radakovich on state of Clemson athletics in light of COVID-19 pandemic


Orange & White Spring Game will likely be canceled

Many conferences, along with the NCAA, have already canceled competition and other activities for the remainder of the spring due to coronavirus pandemic. The Atlantic Coast Conference is soon to follow. If it does, then Clemson’s Annual Orange & White Spring Game will be canceled.

On Sunday, Clemson announced it was closing its campus, and all campus activities were suspended, including the spring football game, through April 5. The spring game was scheduled to be played on April 4 at Memorial Stadium.

On Monday, during an interview on Clemson’s Flagship Radio Station, 105.5 FM The Roar (WCCP) in Clemson, athletic director Dan Radakovich indicated the spring game will likely be canceled.

“Where we are today? The university is closed to staff and we have pushed all of our classes online,” Radakovich said. “We have canceled all on campus events until April 5 and no university related travel until April 5. So, obviously, that means we do not have any activities and that would unfortunately include the spring game.

“I will be on some calls with the ACC that has suspended athletic activities indefinitely. That call with the ADs is tomorrow. Some of the other conferences, as you have seen over the last few days, have extended that through the remainder of the spring semester. And while since last week we have been in an indefinite call of these activities, I would imagine, unless something very unusual happens, the ACC will follow suit and cancel all spring activities.”

Radakovich expressed how competition is not what they are thinking about at Clemson or in the ACC at this moment. Their goal is to first make sure everyone is safe.

“This is not about competition,” he said. “This is about safety and what we can do to help slow the spread of COVID-19 amongst our staff, coaches, facility, university personnel, our student athletes and our fans. So, I mean, it is that whole Clemson Community that we are concerned about.”

Below are some other topics brought up during Radakovich’s interview on 105.5 The Roar.

Radakovich on how Clemson coaches are handling and dealing with sports canceled

“Friday, we had a meeting with all of our coaches. Certainly, it was after the NCAA’s directive on Thursday of canceling all the spring events. It is heart wrenching from the standpoint of our student athletes who worked so hard over the last months and year to prepare for this season, especially those who are in their final year. But we are looking to make sure our student athletes are taken care of. The campus being closed, many of them having gone away for spring break this week on campus. Many of them will not be returning at the end of this week. They will be away doing the e-learning process that the university discussed through April 5.

“It was difficult. It is not something we are used to. Competitors compete. We have no ability to do that right now for incredibly great reasons. But we are in the same boat as others throughout the country and we want to make sure we do our part here to help flatten the curve and be sure to help eliminate this virus as quickly as possible.”

Radakovich on what increase eligibility means for Clemson, ACC and NCAA

“The NCAA has created a ‘dead period.’ What that means is there is no in-person recruiting until at least April 15.

“They are looking into and will probably have some additional guidance associated this week with increase eligibility, associated with the winter and spring student athletes. By that, would someone who was a senior, softball or baseball players for example, golf or tennis student athletes, will they be able to come back again if they decide that is in their best interest to compete again and how that would affect roster limits and scholarship numbers? That is to come and will be something that we look at in the coming days.”

Radakovich on what closed campus means for athletics, daily business

“Here at the athletic department, our offices are closed. We have a few people coming in this morning to gather their supplies to be able to work remotely. We will continue to try and do the business of the athletic department, but we will be doing it from remote locations.”

Radakovich on ticket refunds for baseball and softball

“We are going to have some conversations with IPTAY and our ticket office as it relates to pending deadlines on tickets and donations. Those will be happening this week. So, give us a little bit of grace on time as it relates to that, but know there will be some information forthcoming.

“Certainly, refunds associated with baseball and softball, our two ticketed spring events, will be forthcoming as well. So, that is kind of where we are.”

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