Swinney ‘very hopeful’ there will be football in the fall

Swinney ‘very hopeful’ there will be football in the fall


Swinney ‘very hopeful’ there will be football in the fall


Like all of us, Dabo Swinney isn’t sure what the future holds for college football.

Will the 2020 season go on as scheduled? Will there be a delay? Or will it be canceled?

“I think everybody has concern… I am not an expert on any of this stuff, that is for sure,” Swinney said Wednesday on a video when he addressed a list of questions from the media who cover Clemson on a daily basis. “So, I think safety is first and foremost. All you can do is let all the powers that be make the decisions and you go with it.”

On March 12, the ACC canceled the rest of its basketball tournament and then the NCAA followed by canceling all of its winter and spring championships. The ACC has since canceled its spring sports season, as has the SEC, the Big Ten and the other Power 5 conferences in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that has quickly swept over the United States.

The Power 5 Conferences not only shut down competition for the rest of the spring, but all of its activities, including spring football practices have been canceled. Some schools, like Virginia, did not get an opportunity to even start spring practice.

The NBA has postponed its season and Major League Baseball delayed the start of its season. The summer Olympics was even been moved to the summer of 2021. As of right now, there is no sports being played anywhere and some wonder if this pandemic will spread to football season.

“I very hopeful that we will be back at it,” Swinney said. “I just think the God Lord is good all the time. This is a unique time in our lives. I am 50. I have never lived through anything like this. My mom was telling me the other day, because she is a polio survivor and she had polio back in the 40s. That was a scary thing when they did not have a polio vaccine and she was talking about how in different times in life we always have challenges in America. But I know this, God is good all the time and His light will shine through in this darkness for everyone.”

As far as football goes, Swinney says he will remain hopeful and he will prepare his program the best way he can in these tough times.

“There is certainly concern, but instead of being concerned, I am just being faithful and just trying to keep my eyes on the Good Lord and know that something great is going to come from all of this,” he said. “Also, just keeping all those in my thoughts and prayers that are really struggling. I mean this is a tough time, and I am just hopeful that it will be over sooner rather than later and we can step up and make a difference for those people who have been negatively impacted by all of this.”

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