Clemson player enters his name into the transfer portal

Clemson player enters his name into the transfer portal


Clemson player enters his name into the transfer portal


The Clemson Insider has confirmed that Clemson basketball player Trey Jemison entered his name into the transfer portal on Wednesday.

The rising junior is the first player this year, on the men’s basketball team, to enter the transfer portal. Last month, Brad Brownell told TCI he was not anticipating anyone entering the transfer portal, and he is planning to have Aamir Simms back as well.

Simms announced in April he put his name into the NBA Draft pool but decided to keep his eligibility so he can return to Clemson, if he so chooses.

“I think that is the case right now, but you never know,” Brownell said to TCI on April 10. “I think this year, more than any is different. Normally, guys will be getting contacted by a lot of teams and get asked to be involved in some workouts and things of that nature. Then you talk about Chicago camp or, I think, there is a G-League camp now that is available.

“But everything is on hold because of the coronavirus. So, I don’t know what that looks like. Certainly, I have fielded a few calls from some scouts asking about Aamir. Certainly, more than in most years when these guys have more of a set plan. I think this year because of the virus, no one is really sure how it is all going to play out right now.”

Like it has everywhere, the COVID-19 pandemic has grounded most of the basketball operations at Clemson. The majority of the players are at home finishing school with their e-learning program, while also trying to improve as basketball players as well.

Usually, at this time of the year, coaches are allowed to work with their players in one-on-one capacities, kind of going over what they want them to work on during the summer so they can become better basketball players.

“That is the real challenge right now. We have never had a situation like this, so being a leader of your program, you are trying to figure out what is best to keep your program moving forward,” Brownell said. “The part that is frustrating is that I love to work with my players on basketball. To be able to get in the gym with my guys and help them improve their skills and make them better basketball players.

“This time of the year is always fun because this is when you are really trying to develop them as players. You are changing shots. You are working on skills. You are teaching them some off-season improvement. So, that is going to be a drastic difference if we don’t have players all spring and much of the summer.”

Jemison appeared in a career-high 30 games last season, averaging 8.4 minutes per contest. He scored 52 points and averaged 1.7 points per game. He also averaged 2.0 rebounds per contest, while totaling 59 rebounds, including 29 on the offensive glass.

He shot a career-best 47.9 percent from the floor. He set career-highs in assists, blocks, steals, points and rebounds. The rising junior made at least two field goals in six contests.

Jemison will have two years to play should he transfer to another school. He is eligible for a redshirt if he decides to transfer.

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