Clemson athletes staying cautious as they try to get back to work

Clemson athletes staying cautious as they try to get back to work


Clemson athletes staying cautious as they try to get back to work


As you know, Clemson’s football and men’s and women’s basketball players returned to the Clemson area on Monday to continue the process of getting back on campus by next Monday. They are currently in pre-participation physicals with Clemson Sports Medicine.

This physical includes a test for COVID-19, as well as an antibody test. Student-athletes must also complete a daily screening before entering facilities. If the student-athletes pass these tests than they will be allowed to begin voluntary workouts next Monday at their athletic facilities.

This is the first action the Clemson Athletic department has had since the COVID-19 pandemic shut everything down on March 12.

Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney said they have instructed their players to be safe and continue to follow the proper protocols that they have been doing since March 12 to avoid testing positive for COVID-19.

“It is the same thing we have been talking about, and that is to be smart and heed the advice that is out there to stay clean and practice social distancing and stay away from big groups and all of those types of things. That is not any different,” Swinney said. “But obviously, June 1, things are a little different than they were on April 1. So, that is why our guys are allowed to come back and keep moving forward.

“But even though things are opening back up and they can do different things, still just be smart. We have a great plan in place all across the campus that everyone feels good about and it is a very organized and sagged-in-process that we are going to go through in the next month and a half and hopefully continue to get back into a little bit of a normal situation later in the summer and into August.”

Clemson University began Phase 1 of its return-to-campus process this past Monday, and if everything goes well over the next two weeks than it hopes to move into Phase 2 as early as June 15.

As for the football team, they have been back in the Clemson area for a while now, and they are anxious to begin voluntary workouts this coming Monday.

“To be honest with you, a great majority of our team has been back for quite a while because most of our guys live off campus,” Swinney said. “We have had lots of guys back for a good while, and they have a right to be back because they have their own places and things like that. That is their choice. The on-campus guys are able to comeback. We have temporary housing for them because our on-campus housing is not available, yet.”

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