Clemson players: ‘God really paused the world for this’

Clemson players: ‘God really paused the world for this’


Clemson players: ‘God really paused the world for this’


Sometimes things happen for a reason.

When the coronavirus hit the world, spreading sickness and death, and shutting down countries all across the globe, a lot of people wondered why this pandemic hit the way it did.

In talking about Saturday’s Clemson Community Peaceful Demonstration, a couple of Clemson football players gave their opinion on maybe why the COVID-19 pandemic was sent to earth. When George Floyd was horrifically killed by a Minneapolis Police Officer on May 25, there was no way for anyone to ignore it.

“I feel like for the first time the world was put on pause. We did not have entertainment. We did not have sports,” Clemson running back Darien Rencher said on Thursday. “We did not have anything to distract people from the evil that actually occurs on a day-to-day basis and for years, decades and centuries in America for black people. I feel like it was the first time they could not ignore it.”

No one will be able to ignore what the Tigers are doing as a team on Saturday, as they stand together in a peaceful demonstration to educate others on the struggles most of them go through on a daily basis as black Americans in hopes of preventing another senseless death like Floyd’s. They hope Saturday’s peaceful protest will create positive change against racism, social injustice, and police brutality.

“At this moment, it has culminated to a point that people cannot suppress how they feel anymore,” Rencher said. “So enough has been enough on both sides. I just feel like it is going to be a turning point, and I think we are already seeing it. I sometimes don’t know what world we are living in and we don’t even know what we are doing. We are just trying to play our part.

“But I feel there is 20/20 vision on what really matters in this world, what should matter and what is going to matter going forward if we make some change.”

Rencher’s teammate, wide receiver Cornell Powell, says the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed the world to really hear their struggles for the first time.

“They have time to go out and support and let their voice be heard,” he said. “With those numbers, the strength is in the pack. The people we have that can be out there and peacefully protesting and being heard, it really sings volume.

“I think it has been good. God really paused the world for this and hopefully, we are going to have a change soon and I am very hopeful in this moment.”

Organizers of the Clemson Community Peaceful Demonstration ask that those coming to Clemson on Saturday please wear a black shirt, practice social distancing, wear a facemask to cover their nose and mouth and to bring plenty of water.

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