Clements proud of Clemson’s Football team for leading the way

Clements proud of Clemson’s Football team for leading the way


Clements proud of Clemson’s Football team for leading the way


With Clemson Community Peaceful Demonstration this evening

Following Friday’s historic day at Clemson University, its football team will continue the school’s march to improve respect, inclusion, and diversity with their Clemson Community Peaceful Demonstration this evening at Bowman Field.

More than 2,000 people are expected to attend the demonstration, which was put together by members of the Clemson football team over the last week and a half. The peaceful demonstration, which begins at 6 p.m., will come following Friday’s news when Clemson’s Board of Trustees voted to remove the name of John C. Calhoun from the name of Clemson University’s honor college.

The school’s BOT will also request the South Carolina General Assembly to remove the name of Ben Tillman from Tillman Hall and restore its original name of the Main Building. Clemson’s most iconic building on campus has been called Tillman Hall since 1946.

“It is an important day for Clemson. It is an historic day for Clemson,” Clemson university President Jim Clements said Friday following the BOT’s decisions. “I am really proud of board of trustees and the incredible leadership they have shown.”

Clements is also proud of the Clemson Football team, which has the led way to today’s Clemson Community Peaceful Demonstration. Spearheaded by Clemson linebacker Mike Jones, Jr., members of the team wanted to do something to show how they are standing together and wanting to educate others on the struggles they go through on a daily basis as black Americans in hopes of preventing another horrific death, such as the one George Floyd suffered on May 25 in Minneapolis. They hope today’s peaceful protest will create positive change against racism, social injustice, and police brutality.

“I felt like my heart was really reaching for me to do something,” Jones said. “We came together kind of at the perfect time. We got to work and our whole [coaching] staff was behind us. Obviously, the community is behind us and I just feel like it was something we had to do.”

Clements said he is thankful to the leaders on the football team and what a great job they are doing to bring the community together.

“This is all about bringing the community together and moving forward together,” he said. “It’s a peaceful demonstration. There is going to be peaceful demonstration. There are going to be great speeches and it is a community coming together. The Clemson Family, the Clemson Community and those in the area.

“So, I applaud them. I am excited about it. I will personally be there. And I am thrilled for that.”

Jones and organizers of the Clemson Community Peaceful Demonstration ask those coming to Clemson today to please wear a black shirt, practice social distancing, wear a facemask to cover the nose and mouth and to bring plenty of water.

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