COVID-19 continues to spread through Clemson athletics

COVID-19 continues to spread through Clemson athletics


COVID-19 continues to spread through Clemson athletics


The Clemson Insider has been following the Clemson Athletic Department as it continues to monitor the safety of its student-athletes as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to hit the Clemson area and all of the Upstate of South Carolina.

As most of you know, Clemson Athletics has officially reported 28 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus since June 12. TCI has learned through several sources over the last few days that there are new confirmed cases of the coronavirus this week.

As of Thursday afternoon, we were told Clemson was still waiting on some test results which were administer later in the week. We were told the athletic department is hopeful to put out a new report on Friday.

TCI has learned some of the new confirmed cases are football players, but not all of them. We were also told non-football student-athletes tested positive for the virus as well. We have confirmed that some of those are from the volleyball program. Members of the football team, the men’s and women’s basketball teams, the men’s and women’s soccer teams and the volleyball team have all been tested since June 8.

TCI was told not every student-athlete was tested this week. As we reported in our Insider Report on Monday, there was a good portion of the football team that tested on Monday. We also learned members of the volleyball team and the men’s soccer team were tested earlier in the week and the women’s soccer team was tested Thursday morning.

Clemson announced it had 25 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 last Friday. Most of the total cases have been asymptomatic, and none have required hospitalization. As community transmission continues throughout the Clemson area and the state of South Carolina, it is advised that individuals monitor for symptoms.

TCI was told 23 of the 25 cases last week were a part of the football team, including 21 players. The other two were staff members. In all, 25 of the 28 officially reported who have tested positive have come from the football program, including two players that were reported on June 12.

Clemson has isolated each of those individuals who tested positive for a period of at least 10 days. Close known contacts have also been asked to self-quarantine for at least 14 days.

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