Solution for SEC canceling Clemson-South Carolina: Tigers should cancel 2021 game

Solution for SEC canceling Clemson-South Carolina: Tigers should cancel 2021 game


Solution for SEC canceling Clemson-South Carolina: Tigers should cancel 2021 game


Resume series in 2022 in Clemson, where this year’s game should have been played

As Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John Swofford said last week on the Packer & Durham Show, he is disappointed, but the Southeastern Conference is intitled to make their own decisions in regard to the conference’s four rivalry games with the ACC being canceled.

So, I have a proposal to Swofford, the ACC and Clemson. Let’s cancel the 2021 games, too. Clemson is already playing Georgia to open the season in Charlotte. Allow the Tigers and the ACC to get back the home game and TV rights they lost this year in the rivalry game to South Carolina.

Even if it is another Group of 5 team the Tigers have to play, at least it is another home game instead of Clemson having to visit Columbia for a second straight time in the series. Clemson fans will get to see Clemson in seven home games instead of six, which is what is currently scheduled for 2021.

The city of Clemson would obviously benefit from an extra home weekend and the ACC will benefit from an extra game being played under its television rights. Maybe, the ACC can step in and have Clemson possibly play another ACC team as an out of conference game.

It is a win-win for Clemson and the ACC.

Florida State and Louisville, who were also going to host home games this season in those ACC vs. SEC rivalry games, should do the same. If Georgia wants to do the same with Georgia Tech, that is fine too.

I bring this up because in a time when everyone could use some extra cash, the SEC showed it did not care about its ACC brothers. It is eyes, its traditional rivalries where intact – Alabama-Auburn; Georgia-Florida and Ole Miss-Mississippi State to name a few.

By canceling the four cross-conference rivalry games, the SEC showed it does not care about the ACC at all. So, why should the ACC care about the SEC?

I say all four ACC teams should cancel next year’s games too and get the home game they lost in 2020, with the exception of Georgia Tech, back. Of course, if Georgia Tech wants an extra home game in 2021, that is fine with me too.

Then in 2022, when the rotation is back in order, you resume the series.

This is a way for the ACC to stand up to its bully – the SEC. The SEC spit in the ACC’s eye with its move on Thursday.

Clemson, FSU and Louisville could ask their SEC rivals to come to their home venues and play in 2021, but let’s be honest here. Are South Carolina, Florida and Kentucky going to be willing to give up a home game in 2021, especially after losing two home games themselves in 2020, and then make a return trip to Clemson, FSU and Louisville in 2022? Most likely, they are not.

Clemson’s 111-year streak of playing the Gamecocks is over, right? Georgia Tech’s 95-year streak of playing Georgia is over. So, what does one more year matter.

This is a win-win for the ACC. They will get extra television games out of this solution. Plus, the ACC needs to stand up to the SEC and let it know it is no longer going to be bullied.

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