Rencher: Clemson’s new social media policy ‘was just God’s plan’

Rencher: Clemson’s new social media policy ‘was just God’s plan’


Rencher: Clemson’s new social media policy ‘was just God’s plan’


For most of the past decade, Clemson football players have signed off social media at the start of fall camp and refrained from using Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms until after the season ended.

Head coach Dabo Swinney leaves it up to his senior class each year to decide whether or not they want to have social media during the season, and every year since the player-led initiative started in 2011, the seniors have voted to suspend their use of social media for the purpose of limiting distractions and helping them stay laser focused on football.

However, this year is different. In light of the ongoing social justice issues in the world, as well as the uncertainty surrounding the 2020 college football season, Clemson’s current senior class proposed and approved a new social media policy for this year that will allow the team to remain active on social media and continue to have a voice to speak out on important issues, like a number of the players have recently in the fight to save the fall college football season.

“At Clemson, we’re all about less is more. We want to limit distractions,” senior running back Darien Rencher said to reporters this week. “But as times have changed, I think guys have grown up more in this era of social media. We think we can handle it.”

Rencher and Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence led the charge Sunday night to create a coalition with other players from each of the Power Five conferences in a last-ditch effort to come together and save the season. Social media has been instrumental in the movement, with college football players across the country making their plea to decision makers in the industry using the hashtags #WeAreUnited and #WeWantToPlay.

While the Tigers have decided to retain social media this year, there will still be some restrictions on when they utilize it.

“We created a new social media policy that Coach Swinney let us vote on, that we’ll still limit distractions on game day and day before game day,” Rencher said.

“Honestly, seeing the timing of it, I think it was just God’s plan. It really wasn’t a focus as far as us thinking about doing that stuff, I think it just all came together timely. This is the first year in a long time that we’re going to have social media during the season, and as we’ve seen, I think it’s been powerful for us to have it at this moment in time.”

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