Murphy, Bresee are abusing the competition in practice

Murphy, Bresee are abusing the competition in practice


Murphy, Bresee are abusing the competition in practice


When he watches guys like Myles Murphy, Bryan Bresee, Demonte Capehart and Tre Williams practice, it does not take K.J. Henry long to figure out why Clemson recorded its first No. 1 recruiting class in history in 2020.

The Tigers’ starting defensive end said he is glad he came in when he did, or he likely would not be seeing the field. He said he can definitely see their God-given talent when they play.

“I see why this is our first number one recruiting class, if I am not mistaken,” Henry said after Monday’s practice. “These boys are some ballers. From side to side, these boys can play. They are strong and physical.

“Three years ago, I would be so jealous. Y’all would not see me up here because these boys would be taking my spot. So, I am glad I have some years on them because they are some ball players and are physically ready. The mental side has grown since they have all got here.”

Individually, Henry called Murphy a freak of nature.

“Myles was nothing like me when I came in,” the redshirt sophomore said. “He could not have been a good basketball player because he is too big. That dude is a freak of nature to say the least.

“One day, I want to be a football coach. But I am sitting over here as a teammate and I am like, ‘Dang! Where did we find this kid?’ He is awesome. He is so smart. He is a great kid. He is going to be special this year. He is strong and long and explosive. He just wants to get better every day. I can only say good things about him. I am excited for his opportunity. Getting to meet his family and stuff makes it more personal, so he is going to be great for us this season.”

As for Bresee? Henry says he can be charged with abuse for what he did to some of those high school players from Maryland, and now he is doing the same at Clemson.

“Him and all of those guys are crazy. Y’all seen it high school. We talk about it all the time,” Henry said. “I hate to knock the competition, but he has to come to North Carolina because we can give him some competition because that was crazy up there. We felt like we were going to have to call the cops or something because that had to be abuse.

“But he is transferring and doing some of those same things on this level. Bryan is an animal to say the least and will be another great player for us.”

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