Compared to last week, Chalk feels Death Valley will sound like 100K in the stands

Compared to last week, Chalk feels Death Valley will sound like 100K in the stands


Compared to last week, Chalk feels Death Valley will sound like 100K in the stands


J.C. Chalk is making his time this year worth while playing in his last college football season. In last Saturday’s game at Wake Forest, the Clemson tight end recorded his first career touchdown on a 12-yard pass from quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Chalk repeatedly expressed how much fun he and his teammates are having just playing football this season.

Chalk on his first career touchdown catch

“I was super excited. I saw the defense, the covers they ran. I knew if Trevor was going to look to my side of the field there might be an opportunity to make a play. Obviously, he threw a great ball, he threw it to the one place I had the chance to make a play and the defensive guy didn’t. It is fun being able to play with a guy like that, that can throw like that and give me an opportunity to make a play. Being able to catch it and celebrate with my teammates was super fun so it was an exciting moment overall.”

Chalk on the competition in the tight end room

“There are lots of great players in there, playing at a high level. It has been fun to have a bunch of guys in there and be able to compete. All of us are all so close so it has been a fun camp and a fun first week of the season so far.”

Chalk on being able to have some fans at Death Valley this week

“I am sure it is going to feel like there are 100 thousand out there just being able to put some fans in the stadium. I’m sure the energy is going to be electric. People have been waiting so long to see some football. That’s awesome, it is exciting to us, hopefully we can put on a good show for the fans, show how much we appreciate people still willing to come to games.”

Chalk on the tight ends playing a big role in the offense

“It was a lot of fun. All the guys are making plays. Something we had really been working on in camp and even the spring is being able to be more productive in the passing game. Being able to see it come to light a little bit in week one that was awesome. It just shows how hard the guys have been working. Our position is one of those where you don’t know, next week we may have to stay in and block more depending on what the defense is.”

Chalk on changing the narrative and having a season

“Everyone just wanted to play. That is one thing you can say about the guys here we all love the game of football. We have been working so hard to get back to the point of having a season so it got to the point of the NCAA and ACC deciding on a season and we said let’s do everything we can to push for a season. All of us guys are willing to do anything to have a season.”


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