Uiagalelei relished his opportunity

Uiagalelei relished his opportunity


Uiagalelei relished his opportunity


Clemson quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei made his debut at Death Valley Saturday in Clemson’s 49-0 victory over The Citadel.

The freshman scored two rushing touchdowns, the first of his college career. He also threw for 78 yards while completing 8-of-11 passes. After the game, Uiagalelei spoke with the media about his afternoon and the play of his teammates as well.

Uiagalelei on the play with E.J. Williams

“During the play…I saw the linebacker was in a window, and I saw E.J. come towards me on the swing. He gets in that second window, and I just dump it off to him. E.J. is a great receiver. I’ve seen him play in high school. He makes special plays here in practice. To be able to have receivers on both sides makes my job easier.”

Uiagalelei on having his whole family for his first game in the Valley

“It was super cool to have my parents come. My mom, my brother, my dad, and my two uncles got to come…it was super cool to have them here. They told me they would be at my first home game. I got to see them in the stands and talk to them a little bit during the pregame. After I scored my first touchdown, I threw hearts to my momma, so it was super cool…special moment.”

Uiagalelei on his first college touchdown

“It’s super cool. I got to run a little bit in high school, but usually they didn’t want me to run until playoff time. So, to be able to run it in for a touchdown is super cool. I’ve thrown a lot of touchdown passes in my career, but I always like running them in. My offensive line made great blocks and made it easy for me to get in the zone, so hands off to them.”

Uiagalelei on controlling the second half

“To be able to play and get live bullets and run drives, being in the game and getting real reps. It was super cool to go against another team and be able to play.”

Uiagalelei on the receiver he’s the most comfortable with

“I’m comfortable with all of the receivers, but I feel like me and E.J. have a pretty good connection. We came in together. E.J. and Ajou (Ajou) are the two receivers who came in my class, so I feel like we have a good connection.”


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