Jones isn't sure what to expect from the Cavaliers

Jones isn't sure what to expect from the Cavaliers


Jones isn't sure what to expect from the Cavaliers


When it comes to Virginia, top-ranked Clemson will have a great deal to watch in the film room even though the Cavaliers have only played one game.

After watching the Cavs’ win over Duke, Clemson linebacker Mike Jones said Virginia quarterback Brennan Armstrong made plays happen when it mattered. The redshirt sophomore also thinks the Virginia offense hasn’t changed much from last season and he expects to see similar tactics they saw from the Cavaliers in last year’s the ACC Championship Game.

Jones on Virginia’s Armstrong

“That dude showed some heart. Everything wasn’t going as smooth all game, but whenever it mattered, he came through. We’ve noticed that and know that’s something we have to get ready to compete with this week. As a team, they do a good job motioning, a whole bunch of movement pre snap…It’s a lot of the same things they did last year when we played them in the ACC Championship. We definitely recognize that.”

Jones isn’t sure what to expect from Cavaliers’ new quarterback

“It’s hard to tell from one game because we had a lot more film on (Bryce Perkins) from last year. It is very similar. I can say that … very similar games but it’s hard to tell after one game if it’s the same exact stuff but definitely some traces of it.”

Jones on how he used the bye weekend

“Yeah, I stayed in Clemson for my weekend and throughout the week. It’s kind of what we have to do. It’s still like the beginning of the season for me. I only had two starts, so I was watching film throughout the week. I came and watched some Sunday afternoon. I know a lot of other guys have too. We are still on edge about playing, still really excited about playing. A lot of guys were here trying to keep our own little Clemson bubble.”

Jones on staying in shape and keeping focused

“I think as a team we did. We always make it pretty important to handle our business in the weight room, especially with Coach [Joey] Batson. I know it was a little challenging at first when everybody was quarantined. Some guys didn’t have the ability to get to certain equipment, but most everybody had their cleats for running. You could find somewhere to run. When it came to keeping your body up to a certain standard to go play, that was tough. Guys fall off when you don’t have certain tools, but we have a group that really grinds and our coaches really push us to the max.”

Jones on how the ACC is getting better

“I wouldn’t necessarily say we are awaiting a bigger challenge. I might say every week we have to go out and play our best. We try to play Clemson regardless of who we are playing against. Definitely, just watching, it is getting very competitive around the ACC. Last year people were saying we are a weaker conference, but as you can see now, and anyone who tunes in, it’s competitive every week.”


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