Phrases on jerseys went against Swinney’s routine, will not see them again

Phrases on jerseys went against Swinney’s routine, will not see them again


Phrases on jerseys went against Swinney’s routine, will not see them again


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney got an interesting call from a fan on his Tiger Calls radio show Monday night on the Clemson Tigers Sports Network.

On the first question of the night, a Gaffney woman, named Becky, asked Swinney if the Tigers planned to keep the messages “Equality,” “Justice,” “Love,” “Matter” and “Together” on the back of their jerseys when they host No. 7 Miami this week at Death Valley. A lot of the players wore the special messages where their name would normally go during the Tigers’ win over Virginia this past Saturday.

A self-proclaimed superstitious person, the caller admitted she was not a fan of the messages because, in her opinion, they messed up the Tigers’ mojo. She felt the messages messed up their routine and were to blame for the way the Tigers played in a 41-23 victory.

She also, in a funny way, said it was hard for her and her friends to see who made the play or was called for a penalty.

“We would say, ‘Who was that call against? Was it Equality or Justice? Oh, no, it was Love.’ We had a good time with it,” she said laughing. “I think that is maybe why we did not play as well… Some of them have names and that was good, but the ones that didn’t, we had a lot of fun whether Equality, Justice or who did that. It was really funny. Nobody knew who did it.”

Swinney and radio host Don Munson got a good laugh out of the call.

“Becky, I am a routine guy. I am with you,” Swinney said. “I am a big routine guy. Mission accomplished because we got everybody talking about Love and Peace and Unity and Together… Mission accomplished.

“I appreciate you making sure we remember the standard around here. We are going to try and win by thirty every week if we can. Forgive us if it is a close one somewhere along the way. We are going to try and win.”

Swinney later announced in the conversation this will be the only time this year the players names will not be on the back of their jersey.

“That was just a one-game deal,” he told her. “That was something (the players) decided this summer… I am going to tell them that Becky from Gaffney, she told me that we have messed their whole tailgate party up…”

Another championship season is underway for the Tigers. It’s time to gear up for another year of Clemson football.

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