Rodgers is flying high and having fun

Rodgers is flying high and having fun


Rodgers is flying high and having fun


Clemson wide receiver Amari Rodgers is having a lot of fun these days.

The senior has emerged as the Tigers’ big playmaker through the first three games. Against Virginia last week, he caught six passes for 72 yards, including two for touchdowns.

Earlier this week Rodgers’ spoke the media about his good start and No. 1 Clemson’s battle with seventh-ranked Miami on Saturday at Death Valley.

Rodgers on how much fun he is having right now

“I’m having a ton of fun. It’s the most fun I’ve had since I”ve been here. I’m just putting in the work with my brothers. We’re going out there and balling out on Saturdays. All the hard work that I’ve put in is finally starting to pay off. I’m starting to see it. It’s doing nothing but motivating me more while working to see me grow as a player. I’m excited to see where the journey is going to go from here.”

Rodgers on playing a revived Miami program

“Big-time games like that are always games you look forward to because it’s the best of the best. Being a competitor, I definitely look forward to games like this because you get better going into these games and coming out of these games, going against the best. They are a great defense, very athletic, very fast. You have to be technique sound at the receiver position playing against them. Going into this game, I’m definitely locked in. We are very detail oriented as to what our plan is going to be. Hopefully we can go out there and execute the plan well.”

Rodgers on past experiences of playing on a big stage as an advantage

“We’re just doing what Coach Swinney says. We treat every game like it’s the biggest game of the year because it’s the next one. We create that mind set on the team that it’s the next game, so it’s the best game of the year because it’s the next one. You have to lock in and win the day on saturday.”

Rodgers on mentoring Andrew Booth

“Ever since he got here, I noticed how serious he’s been and how serious he is about his kraft. He wants to be great, wants to be one of the best to ever do it. I saw that since he got here. I’m attracted to that because I’m the same way. We both grind. We both work our tails off to go out there and produce for our team. I gravitate to anybody that’s like that. I saw that in him. He’s a young guy last year…I kept in his ear and said ‘bro, if you learn the defense, you’re going to be special’.”

Rodgers on Miami’s secondary

“I see NFL guys all over the field. Like I said earlier, very fast, very physical. They do a great job with what they are taught by their coaching staff. It’s definitely fun playing against guys you know are going to be at the next level, but because you know it’s going to bring the best out of you.”


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