Swinney asked about Clemson fans not following COVID-19 guidelines

Swinney asked about Clemson fans not following COVID-19 guidelines


Swinney asked about Clemson fans not following COVID-19 guidelines


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney was asked on his weekly call-in show Monday night how he has been able to keep his team healthy during much of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with so many other schools having issues, as well as NFL teams?

Swinney of course credited his team with their success to this point and he is hopeful it will continue.

However, Chris from Dacusville, South Carolina wondered how the rest of the Clemson area and college football fans, in general, can do a better job following the guidelines to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“Understand, I am not throwing darts here, but I work at the University and I have been fortunate to work all the way through all this virus thing and all of that, but on this long rainy weekend I was able to watch a lot of ball games between live and recorded and it is pretty apparent,” the caller said. “I have seen at other places, people are getting less and less complaint with mask not touching, handling a lot of stuff and getting in people’s faces. I have a 23-year old son, and I can only imagine, how in the world to you handle that?”

Again, Swinney credited his players for their success.

“As far as everything outside of our bubble, I can’t do anything about that, but I am just focused on our team and our guys are doing a really good job right now,” the Clemson coach said. “We will have a reminder here or there, but for the most part they are really taking care of each other.”

Swinney reported his team came out of Saturday’s game with no positive results. The Tigers tested Sunday and will test again on Wednesday and Friday this week, per ACC rules.

“Well, our guys have really done a good job. Our guys our tested a bunch, and I think we have gone six or seven tests in a row now, knock on wood, and I am really proud of our team,” he said. “Our guys are doing a really good job. We are trying to keep our bubble as tight as possible. But it still comes down to personal reasonability and everybody doing their part.”

Clemson is scheduled to visit Georgia Tech on Saturday for a noon kick.

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