Lawrence happy with win, still has room to improve

Lawrence happy with win, still has room to improve


Lawrence happy with win, still has room to improve


Trevor Lawrence did what he does best Saturday night against No. 7 Miami. The Clemson quarterback threw for 292 yards and three touchdowns and added another on the ground as the top-ranked Tigers earned a 42-17 victory at Death Valley.

Lawrence on being injured and how he felt from it

“I’m sore. First of all, hats off to Miami. They’re a really good team, they played us really tough, super physical. Got a lot of respect for them and their coaches. It was a physical game, I’m sore. That hit when I was down, I got hit in the stomach with his helmet and knocked the breath out of me. I couldn’t breathe, so I went out and got my breath back. Then the next play I was feeling good. It wasn’t anything serious. I was able to come back, just got the breath knocked out of me.”

Lawrence on showing toughness and coming back in the game

“One of the most important things of being a quarterback is being tough. That’s something I try to pride myself on, not having to come out. Obviously, I went down there, so I had to but just to come back in the game and finish that drive was super important for the momentum of the game. Really gave us momentum, so it was a big drive, and I knew we needed to put it in there. Just trying to do everything I can to win.”

Lawrence on spiking the football in front of the Miami player

“Yeah, that was just a dumb play on my part. That’s not what we’re coached to do. That’s not who we are. I’ll take that one obviously. I shouldn’t have done that. I was fired up. That’s all it was. I let my emotions get a little too high.”

Lawrence on what the win means in conference play

“Every game we are out to prove something to ourselves and everybody else watching. Tonight, we played a good game, a tough game obviously. That’s a top ten team. Miami is playing really well. Go back and look at the tape. There is still a ton we can learn from. It’s just fun, the challenge every week, especially like this. Every game is important because it’s the next one, but this was a big one. A top ten matchup these are the games to win to be a great team. Really happy for our team.”

Lawrence on his tight ends being a big part of his offense this year

“It’s awesome. I know as a quarterback how fun and how special that is to have. Really good tight ends, good options. Playing really well in the run game and blocking really good. Then in the passing game, they’re coming along really nice. Braden (Galloway) had a big game. He was frustrated from a few games before but came out and played great tonight and made up for it. Davis Allen also is just a great player. He showed that with a nice touchdown grab, broke the tackle. It’s great having these tight ends. It’s hard for defenses when we have such versatile tight ends.”



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