In Swinney’s mind, FSU administration forfeited Saturday’s game

In Swinney’s mind, FSU administration forfeited Saturday’s game


In Swinney’s mind, FSU administration forfeited Saturday’s game


Dabo Swinney said in his mind the Florida State administration forfeited Saturday’s game by not allowing Clemson and Florida State play at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, Fla.

The game was postponed by the ACC at 8:45 a.m., Saturday after Clemson and Florida State’s medical personnel could not come up with an agreement to play the game. The game was scheduled to kickoff at noon.

The disagreement came after a Clemson player tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday night.

“If they want to play Clemson, in my opinion, they need to come to Clemson or they need to pay for all the expenses,” Swinney said Sunday evening on his Sunday teleconference call with the media. “Other than that, there is no reason for us to play them. We were there. We were ready and we met the standards.”

Swinney said there was no reason for the two teams not to play and he is extremely disappointed for his players and coaches, as well as the players and coaches at Florida State.

“We met the standard to play and we should have played,” he said. “We have mitigated everything all year long. All year … meetings, practices, meals, housing, how we travel. If the standard of play was zero positive tests, then we would have never had a season.

“This game was not canceled because of COVID. It was just an excuse to cancel the game.”

Swinney went on to say Saturday was not the first time the Tigers had a player test positive for COVID-19 the night before a game and those opponents had no issues playing the next day.

“You know Trevor Lawrence practiced all week, too,” Swinney said. “He practiced all week. The only day he did not practice was Thursday. (Boston College) did not have a problem coming down here to play. They had no problem.

“Notre Dame was not worried about any lingering effects because Trevor practiced all week.”

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