Lawrence, players have Swinney’s back

Lawrence, players have Swinney’s back


Lawrence, players have Swinney’s back


No one knows how much Dabo Swinney cares about the safety of his players more than Trevor Lawrence. Going by the COVID-19 protocols and guidelines set forth by the ACC and by the advice of his medical staff, Swinney held Clemson’s All-ACC quarterback out of the biggest game of the year to make sure his player was safe from any more side effects following his bout with COVID-19.

Lawrence missed two games after testing positive for the coronavirus on Oct. 29, including the Tigers’ top 4 match with Notre Dame on Nov. 7. Lawrence was out of isolation and felt good enough to play but Clemson decided it was best he sat out the game to make sure he was clear of any heart issues, which go by the protocols set forth by the ACC.

So when Swinney got upset after Florida State postponed last Saturday’s game, obviously questioning Clemson’s medical staff and the protocols set forth by the ACC, Lawrence was not surprised his head coach spoke his mind on the matter.

“We are all good over here,” Lawrence said.

As a leader, Lawrence said Swinney is great at what he does, and the players respect him for it. They know he will always fight with their best interest in mind.

“We got his back. Through thick and thin, really,” the Heisman Trophy hopeful said. “He has shown us who he is as a person on a consistent bases and we believe in him first and foremost.”

Lawrence also said people cannot expect Swinney to always say things to make the media happy. If he feels like something needs to be addressed and he believes in it, he is going to speak his mind.

“You can’t always have a poker face. People have emotions. You just can’t always just say things, it is not really how you actually feel, but it just sounds good. So, I think that is what you are seeing a little bit,” Lawrence said. “He is passionate about this game and he is passionate about his team. We work really hard. Obviously, Florida State and all of these other teams work really hard too. I am not taking anything away from anybody, but he understands, and he knows the work that we put in, as coaches and as players. I think that is a lot of that and has a play in it for sure.

“We got his back. We are all together over here.”

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