Swinney pretty outspoken about 6-game Ohio State getting in the CFP

Swinney pretty outspoken about 6-game Ohio State getting in the CFP


Swinney pretty outspoken about 6-game Ohio State getting in the CFP


Ohio State better be glad Dabo Swinney is not on the College Football Playoff Committee.

The Clemson head coach has a pretty strong opinion about an Ohio State team that has played just six games getting into the playoff over teams who have played 10 or 11 this season.

“If I was on the committee, it would be hard for me to leave a 10-1 Texas A&M or a 11-game Florida team out over a team that has played six games. That would be hard for me if I was on the committee, but I am not on the committee, so it does not really mater,” Swinney said on the Rich Eisen Show on Thursday. “It does not mean they are not a great team and could win the whole thing, but I just think that there has to be (a standard) … I just think from a big picture standpoint, I would lean toward rewarding teams that had been all in because it has been an incredible challenge.”

Eisen asked Swinney if the third-ranked Tigers lost in next week’s ACC Championship Game to No. 2 Notre Dame, if Clemson should still be in the playoff with two losses over a team, such as Ohio State, who played just six games.

“It is a tough question to answer in my position because we feel like we are definitely one of the best four teams in the country,” Swinney said. “There is nothing that is going to happen in that game next week for Clemson or Notre Dame that is going to change that in my opinion. That is based on data.”

Swinney said there should be a set standard to help the committee make a fair decision when deciding who gets into the playoff and who does not.

“It is almost like you have to have hundred and twenty hours to get a business degree, but yet, these people over here only need sixty hours to get a business degree,” the Clemson coach said. “I think anytime you step in between the lines in the game of football, there is a lot that can happen. A lot.”

Swinney’s argument, the more games they play the higher probability of a key injury or two which can cost them a game. Ohio State did not have to go through the same rigors of playing 10 or 11 games like the rest of the teams will have done in the playoff.

“In 2017, we lost to a four-win Syracuse team and still went to the playoffs. So, anything can happen. Guys can get hurt. There is a lot,” he said. “So, I think, the fact we are going to have eleven games, as well as the SEC teams. You look at Florida, Texas A&M, Alabama … These teams are going to have 11 games this year. It is incredible.

“I think the Big Ten had the same opportunity and they chose not to play. I think the only reason they ended up playing is because of the leadership of the SEC, ACC and the Big 12. We demonstrated we could do it and do it in a safe way. It has been unbelievable challenging season that is for sure.”

Swinney says the CFP Committee is going to have answer some tough questions for sure when the playoff is announced on Dec. 20.

“I would not have an issue with it, because again, it is not my position to have an issue with it,” Swinney said. “My position is to coach my team regardless and you hate it for (them) … I just think there has to be some type of standard.”

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