Favre backtracks on criticism of Watson

Favre backtracks on criticism of Watson


Favre backtracks on criticism of Watson


NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre took a lot of heat last month for what he said when weighing in on Deshaun Watson and his demand to be traded from the Houston Texans:

This week, Favre backtracked on his criticism of the former Clemson quarterback, saying on the “Pardon My Take” podcast that he probably shouldn’t have made those comments about Watson and the situation with the Texans without being privy to everything going on between the organization and star player.

“When I made those comments, I also said, ‘I don’t know all the details,’” Favre said. “Honestly, in fairness to Deshaun or anyone in that situation, it’s probably best that I didn’t make the comments I made. I made them specifically based on the fact that, again, not knowing the details – which I think obviously is very important – so, I’m wrong in respect to making comments without knowing the facts.”

By all accounts, Watson wants out of Houston because he is not happy the Texans didn’t include him in its search for a new general manager and head coach.

Favre said if the franchise told Watson he would be a part of those conversations and then subsequently failed to loop him in, then he can understand why Watson is upset.

“If the organization, if they ask his advice, it’s a different story,” Favre said. “Then you’re including him in the conversation. Maybe the organization asks his advice just to make him think that he’s involved. Fair or not, that’s their choosing.

“But if Deshaun went to them – they never went to him, in particular – and he says, ‘Look, why don’t you interview this guy or that guy?’ and they say, ‘We appreciate your advice, but we’ve got this handled.’ That’s their right. But if they ask his advice or ask him to be involved in any shape or form, and then ignore him, then I can see where there’s a problem. Is that enough of a problem to demand a trade? I don’t know. That never happened to me.”

Favre, who played in the NFL from 1991-2010 with the Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings, went on to say he believes Watson is “definitely” one of the top five quarterbacks in the league.

“There’s a very talented young group of quarterbacks,” Favre said, “and he’s right there in the mix.”

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