Clemson Pro Day Notebook: Carman had a good reason not to work out

Clemson Pro Day Notebook: Carman had a good reason not to work out


Clemson Pro Day Notebook: Carman had a good reason not to work out


Clemson held its annual Pro Day at the Allen Reeves Football Complex in Clemson on Thursday. Former Tigers Travis Etienne, Amari Rodgers, Cornell Powell, Jackson Carman, J.C. Chalk, Adam Choice and Diondre Overton worked out for the 29 NFL teams who made the trip to Clemson.

Here are a few news and notes from Thursday’s Pro Day.

Why Carman did not work out. Carman did not work out for NFL teams at Pro Day because of an injury he is still working through from football season. He is going to have a private workout in April.

After Clemson’s Pro Day, the NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah said on Zoom call that Carman is still suffering from a back injury he sustained during the Tigers’ 10-2 season.

“He has had a back injury and he had to get that fixed after the season, so today he did not do anything, but just kind of measured and weighed in,” Jeremiah said. “I did see he was 317 pounds, which is significantly lighter than what he played at last year at Clemson.”

He is fast. Despite weighing in 16 pounds heavier than he played during the season, Etienne was officially clocked at 4.41 in the 40-yard dash on Thursday. He weighed in at 215 pounds.

“He has home run ability,” Jeremiah said. “He is going to turn what he did in college. He has turned eight to ten-yard runs into fifty or sixty-yard runs… He is a runway-back. Give him a little room to get going and you are going to see some home runs.”

What did he have to prove? Since Senior Bowl week, Amari Rodgers has been one of the fast risers on NFL draft boards. During Thursday’s Pro Day, the Clemson receiver ran officially a 4.51 in the 40-yard dash.

What did Rodgers feel like he had to prove to NFL teams at Clemson’s Pro Day?

“Just how fast I am in everything, how explosive I play. And in my route running, showing my get-off and how fast I come off the ball,” Rodgers said. “Just show how crisp my route running is, show I can run every route in the route tree. So, I feel like I checked all the boxes.”

What teams have spoken to Etienne? Many people suspect Etienne will be picked either in the late first round or early in the second of April’s NFL Draft.

Etienne revealed he has already spoken with the Arizona Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo Bills and the New Orleans Saints.

Where will Clemson players fall in the draft. Jeremiah gave an idea where he thinks Clemson players might fall in April’s NFL Draft.

QB Trevor Lawrence: Top overall pick and is still separated from other QBs

RB Travis Etienne: late first round

WR Amari Rodgers: 2nd or third round (definitely a Day 2 guy)

OT Jackson Carmen: Day 2 pick depending on how he checks out medically

WR Cornell Powell: Day 3 pick, likely a fifth-round pick

Official Pro Day results

photo courtesy of Clemson Athletic Communications 

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