Latest on how Clemson is working through NCAA COVID protocols  

Latest on how Clemson is working through NCAA COVID protocols  


Latest on how Clemson is working through NCAA COVID protocols  


A day after learning they are back in the NCAA Tournament, the Clemson men’s basketball team traveled to Indianapolis Monday afternoon with the hopes of playing Rutgers in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

The Tigers had to immediately test upon arriving at its hotel and subsequently were quarantined to their rooms where they have to stay until they pass two rounds of COVID tests on Monday and Tuesday.

The Clemson Insider confirmed through sources Tuesday morning that the first round of COVID tests required by the NCAA went well. The Tigers are now awaiting the results from a second test they took this morning. If all goes well, they are expected to get on the practice court at 7 p.m.

Clemson head coach Brad Brownell said in a Zoom call following Sunday’s selection show that these two days were going to be the most nerve-racking of the season.

“I think we have to pass two tests within twelve hours,” he said. “They can’t be any closer than twelve hours, I think that is what it is. So, we will get there, and test right away. Probably go into some sort of isolation in our rooms for a while, get the results back, and hopefully wake up the next day and test again early … Tuesday morning, I would hope, and get good results back, again, and then Tuesday afternoon go to practice.”

Brownell indicated they cannot even meet as a team until everything has been cleared on Tuesday.

“I think until you get those two tests, I think you are pretty isolated,” he said.

Clemson senior Aamir Simms says the next couple of days are going to test the Tigers’ maturity as individuals and as a team. It is going to be a nerve-racking couple of days as they wait to be cleared.

“You have to reiterate the message of how important it is to stay out of contact with people that are not within our organization,” he said. “If we are within the same proximity then just kind of keep your distance if you can.

“We can’t take it for granted. Just like that anyone’s game can be wiped out from them. That happened to us when we were in the ACC Tournament last year, when we were about to go against Florida State. So, we already know the feeling. It is still a sour feeling to this day. So hopefully, guys will remember that and will try to stay out of harm’s way so we can play as much basketball as we can.”

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