While others push for playoff, Swinney is not one of them

While others push for playoff, Swinney is not one of them


While others push for playoff, Swinney is not one of them


It appears, at least according to AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco, the College Football Playoff will discuss the possibility of expanding the playoff when commissioners from around the country and the CFP get together in a few weeks.

The possibility of expanding the playoff has been a big a discussion in college football the last few years, especially on sports radio shows, social media platforms and message boards.

Clemson, of course, has been to the CFP a record six straight years and is tied with Alabama for the most appearances overall. Clemson and Alabama have been six times, while Ohio State and Oklahoma have each been four times. Because those four teams have been so frequently, discussions emerged in the last two years that the playoff should be expanded to give more teams an opportunity, also giving Group of 5 schools more of an opportunity to make an 8-team playoff, as opposed to the current 4-team system in place now.

However, not everyone is on board with expansion. Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney gave his thoughts when he was asked about CFP expansion last December prior to the Tigers’ semifinal game against Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl.

“I think one of the reasons that college football is so popular is because every game matters,” he said at the time. “That game we played at (Virginia Tech), it mattered. That game Florida played against LSU, it mattered.”

The main reason Swinney does not want to see the playoff expand is because it will take away the importance of the regular season, which he feels is what makes college football unique from any other sport.

“The more you expand, the less important the games become,” he said. “All of a sudden, to me, it gets watered down and teams that know they’re going to be in, next thing you know, you’re resting guys, you’re not playing guys. It all becomes about that.”

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