Burrow vs. Lawrence: Who is the better prospect?

Burrow vs. Lawrence: Who is the better prospect?


Burrow vs. Lawrence: Who is the better prospect?


The crew from the NFL Network’s Path to the Draft broke down who is the better prospect coming out of college … LSU’s Joe Burrow or Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence.

Burrow was the No. 1 overall pick by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2020 NFL Draft, after leading LSU to a national championship win over Lawrence and Clemson. Lawrence is presumably the first overall pick in this year’s draft after he had a stellar career at Clemson.

Lawrence led the Clemson Tigers to the 2018 National Championship and was 34-2 as a starting quarterback in Tigertown.

“They are both phenomenal players and we saw them on the field (playing against each other). We saw Joe Burrow get the best of Trevor Lawrence,” NFL Network Draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah said on Wednesday. “But I have a higher grade on Trevor Lawrence. So, I would take Trevor Lawrence in a competition between the two of them.”

Jeremiah likes Lawrence more because he is bigger than Burrow and has a stronger arm.

“He is a better athlete and he can make more things happen.” he said. “Joe Burrow maybe has a slight edge in accuracy, but with Lawrence, there is just so much more you can do with him because of the athleticism he brings to the table. I would lean toward Lawrence in that one. In fact, he has the highest quarterback grade I have given out, going back to Andrew Luck.

“Andrew Luck is the only quarterback I have a higher grade on.”

Bucky Brooks said he agrees with Jeremiah, saying the former Clemson quarterback has the highest grade of any quarterback before a draft going all the way back to Luck and Cam Newton.

“This is a very talented player and is a guy that brings a lot to the table,” Brooks said. “He is a prototypical franchise quarterback. I think it is easy to put a big grade on him because he has so many skills that he bring to the table … size, strength, arm talent, athleticism, big-play ability and then you see the intangibles. It is hard to knock the guy for anything he puts on display. He is an outstanding prospect.”

Charles Davis feels Lawrence also compares to Justin Hubert, who was drafted in the first-round of the 2020 NFL Draft by the Los Angeles Chargers. Davis says he compares Lawrence to Hubert because of their size and arm strength.

“One of my favorites days, a couple of years ago, I watched those two throw side by side at a camp and it was amazing. Like everything else stopped to watch those two throw,” he said.

But when looking at Borrow and Lawrence, Davis brings up how Burrow went to Cincinnati where they have an offensive line that was really struggling to block.

“His second and third reactions were tremendous,” the NFL Network analyst said. “I think Trevor Lawrence is going to have an offensive line that is better suited. He might be able to go back in the pocket and get rid of it a little bit easier than Joe Burrow had to in Cincinnati.”

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