CFP continues to support 4-team playoff, but changes are coming

CFP continues to support 4-team playoff, but changes are coming


CFP continues to support 4-team playoff, but changes are coming


Bill Hancock, the executive director of the College Football Playoff, says the CFP’s management committee continues to support and believe in its four-team playoff.

However, during its two-day work session this past week, the committee also reviewed 63 possibilities for future change. These included six, eight, 10, 12 and 16-team playoff options, each with a variety of different scenarios.

A four-member working group from the committee informed the management committee that it continues its work and anticipates making a report to the management committee about the future format at an upcoming meeting.

“Since January 2019, when the presidents charged us with taking a careful look at all aspects of CFP, including the format, this group has diligently evaluated options for the future,” Hancock said in a press release. “Its efforts were delayed as a result of the pandemic, but it met again this week in Dallas, and we look forward to hearing more when its work is complete.

“I want to remind everyone that whatever recommendations the management committee may make, all decisions about our future format—whether to remain at four teams or change to a different format—will be made by the 11 presidents and chancellors who manage the CFP.”

The 2021 football season will be the eighth year in a 12-year agreement for the CFP and the the management committee is extremely satisfied with the popularity and success of the CFP.

“It is wise and good management to review where we stand as we discuss what the future might—’might,’ for emphasis–look like,” Hancock said.

Hancock is hopeful this coming season will be more like the first six were for the college football. However, stadium seating capacities will be determined by the CFP in the fall, in conjunction with local health and safety officials.

“Given all the challenges presented by the pandemic, teams were fortunate to have played as many games as they did,” Hancock said. “It’s a real testament to the student-athletes, commissioners and their staffs, athletics directors, coaches, the schools’ staffs, medical personnel, and, frankly, everyone who loves this game.

“Satisfaction with the CFP remains high, and we can’t wait for what we hope will be a more typical season this fall.”

The 2022 CFP Semifinal games will be held at the Goodyear Cotton Bowl in Dallas and the Capital One Orange Bowl in Miami, on December 31, 2021. The CFP National Championship is scheduled for January 10, 2022 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Ind.

–CFP Communications contributed to this story

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