Analysts weigh in on whether Tebow will be detrimental to Lawrence

Analysts weigh in on whether Tebow will be detrimental to Lawrence


Analysts weigh in on whether Tebow will be detrimental to Lawrence


On ESPN’s “Get Up” show this week, Trevor Lawrence was brought up in a discussion about Tim Tebow joining the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Of course, Tebow signed with the Jaguars late last week as a tight end – a position he has never played before – agreeing to a one-year, non-guaranteed contract for the league’s veteran minimum ($920,000).

Get Up host Mike Greenberg said some people have suggested to him that Tebow’s presence in Jacksonville might be detrimental to the development of Lawrence, but ESPN football analyst Dan Orlovsky dismissed that notion about the former Clemson quarterback.

“Now, listen – they took Trevor Lawrence to be the next Peyton Manning,” Orlovsky said. “They took Trevor Lawrence to be the next John Elway. If signing Tim Tebow in May is going to negatively impact Trevor Lawrence being those guys, he was never going to be those guys. I don’t think this has any impact on Trevor Lawrence and the player that he is going to potentially be.”

Orlovsky believes it will be a moot point at the end of the day, though, as he does not expect Tebow to be on Jacksonville’s roster by the time the season begins.

“This is going to have zero impact on Trevor Lawrence,” he said. “Now, let me be clear. This is not an Urban Meyer thing, and this is not a Tim Tebow thing. This is a Shahid Khan thing. The Jaguars owner, he decided to give Urban Meyer full power, and when you get full power, absolute power, you lose contact with reality. And the reality is Tim Tebow’s not going to make this football team. He hasn’t been great at football in 12 years. So, I’m not expecting him to be an impactful player on this football team. But when you have full power in the NFL, it usually ends poor as a coach coming from college football. Chip Kelly, Bill O’Brien … it usually does not end well, and Shahid Khan gave Urban Meyer this full power.”

In the event – however unlikely it may be – that Tebow does make the team, former NFL cornerback and ESPN contributor Domonique Foxworth thinks the situation can be viewed through a couple different lenses as it relates to Lawrence.

“I think if he does make the team, it doesn’t necessarily make sense to me because he’s not going to be a tight end,” Foxworth said. “He’s going to end up being a gadget player, and in that situation, you do take reps away from Trevor Lawrence. But I think you can look at it the other way. Having Tim Tebow there and front-page stories in Jacksonville being about what Tim Tebow is doing – because they will be, whether he contributes or not – having that attention drawn away from Trevor Lawrence as he’s trying to learn and develop, you could argue that is a good thing.

“I tend to not believe in like negative distractions, because everyone kind of has things going on in their lives, like having a guy on your team that’s going to make you a worse football player. But I do find it interesting. I can’t imagine that if Trevor Lawrence is going to be a great football player, Tim Tebow showing up should absolutely not get in the way of that.”

Orlovsky added he doesn’t envision the extra publicity that Tebow brings to Jacksonville, good or bad, having an effect on Lawrence because he is so accustomed to being at the center of media attention.

“Trevor Lawrence has been in the spotlight since he could wipe himself,” Orlovsky said. “The spotlight has been on him since he walked onto campus and won the national championship. So, this is not going to have any type of impact, whether Tim’s getting a lot of attention, and he wants the attention – I don’t think Trevor Lawrence is like that. I think he craves normal life since he’s been in the spotlight for so long – or, Tim is getting negative attention and it takes some eyes off Trevor Lawrence. This is about Trevor Lawrence and his development. This is a bad move by Urban Meyer because there’s blind spots. There’s no reason to add a Tim Tebow. Now, I’m not surprised. There’s nepotism and cronyism in the NFL. But Trevor Lawrence has been in the spotlight since he came out of diapers essentially.”

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