Peach State safety already has connection to Conn, Clemson

Peach State safety already has connection to Conn, Clemson


Peach State safety already has connection to Conn, Clemson


Clemson continues to establish a recruiting footprint in the state of Georgia.

While it has long been able to attract prospects from the Peach State, it certainly helps that the Tigers have a former Georgia area high school head coach on staff in safeties coach Mickey Conn.

Conn is certainly intrigued by what Dacula (Ga.) Hebron Christian Academy 2023 safety Jack Luttrell brings to the table.

Luttrell (6-1, 185) is the type of hard-hitting safety that Conn typically looks for. While it wasn’t his first time at Clemson, he was able to take in the University during multiple sessions of Dabo Swinney Camp earlier this month.

“It was good,” Luttrell told The Clemson Insider regarding his time at the camp. “I got to do the camp, so I went to the morning and the afternoon session and then after the afternoon session, I was able to take a tour of the football facilities and all that.”

“I would say the highlight would definitely be all the things you could do there,” he added. “There was a lot of cool stuff like the medical training room. I remember that I went bowling and I bowled a strike on my first bowl. That was probably one of the most memorable things when I was there.”

Luttrell had fun during his time at Clemson and he’s been able to find his way on campus consistently. Not recruiting-wise per se, but Luttrell’s sister, Anna, is a sophomore rower on Clemson’s women’s varsity rowing team.

It’s unknown if Anna has been recruiting her younger brother to come to Clemson, but it certainly helps that Jack has a family connection there already.

“My older sister actually goes to Clemson and is an athlete at Clemson,” he said. “Going up there and being in the atmosphere isn’t too much of a problem, because I just go up there every weekend. They talked to me about getting up there and watching a game and getting to talk to the coaches again.”

“It’s definitely helped, in the season of corona,” Luttrell added, “not being able to go on visits anywhere, meet any coaches, but still being up there because I was with my sister in her dorm room and all that. Clemson was really the first college I ever got to see.”

Beyond Luttrell’s familial connection that already ties him to Clemson, he’s built a strong foundation of a relationship with Conn. The two come from a similar area of Georgia and Luttrell is already familiar with Conn’s children.

“It’s been really good,” Luttrell said of his relationship with Conn. “With the dead period and all that, I haven’t been able to talk to him, besides when I was at camp, but he’s talked to my head coach a couple of times. His kids, they actually live around where I live. My friends are friends with his kids, so maybe one day I’ll have to go over to his house.”

During his time at Swinney Camp, Luttrell was able to converse with Conn a lot. Clemson is not allowed to contact Luttrell directly until Sept. 1 because of NCAA rules, but Conn is allowed to communicate with Luttrell’s high school head coach, who also happens to be his father.

“The biggest feedback he’s told us is that he loves the type of physical player that I am and he loves how I come downhill and hit people,” Luttrell said. “He likes to see that on my film and wants to see more of that in person.”

Luttrell’s recruitment has followed the typical Clemson blueprint. The Tigers haven’t offered just yet, but they’re still watching Luttrell compete and his film. The biggest thing that Conn has harped on is maintaining their relationship and keeping in touch.

Although he doesn’t have an offer from the Tigers just yet, Luttrell isn’t deterred by that. He knows how Clemson operates.

“I’m not really worried about saying I don’t have the Clemson offer or being discouraged by the fact that I don’t because I know they wait for the late offer type thing,” he said. “I still see it as one of my top schools even though they haven’t offered me just because of the goals and the mindset they have at Clemson.”

In addition to Clemson, Luttrell has made visits to Georgia, Georgia Tech, TCU, Texas, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Alabama and LSU. Beyond that, he told TCI that he plans on making a stop to Knoxville for a Tennessee visit on June 27.

In the early stages of his recruiting, Luttrell currently holds offers from Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Texas A&M and Georgia State.

Luttrell still has a ways to go before making a decision, but he said the most important factor for him will be which school allows him to build the best relationships at the next level and beyond.

“I like Clemson a lot, I like the atmosphere it’s in,” Luttrell said. “I like the small-town feel, but still a big national championship football team.”

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