Leadership expert: Swinney is able to lead with love

Leadership expert: Swinney is able to lead with love


Leadership expert: Swinney is able to lead with love


Speaker and author Jon Gordon was a guest this week on Clemson women’s basketball alum Kelly Gramlich and former Clemson offensive lineman Eric Mac Lain’s podcast “Gramlich and Mac Lain”.

Gordon, who knows a thing or two about positive leadership and has spoken to many of Dabo’s teams over the years, said the key to Swinney’s success as a head coach is the way he is able to lead in love and challenge those around him along the way.

“Definitely love and accountability is the key,” Gordon said. “Love and accountability is everything and that’s why. You mentioned it in what you said about Dabo, it’s the blend of both. You don’t realize, he’s tough, he’ll get on you, as you know, he will hold you accountable, like he’s not all fun and games and laughing all the time.”

“No Dabo will get on you and he’s got a structure and he’s got a process, but he’s likable. For most people, he’s really likable and the players know that he cares about you and he loves you as a person, as a human being. So it’s a blend of both. I call it “love tough” instead of “tough love”. If they know you love ‘em, then you earn the right to challenge them and push them and hold them accountable.”



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