Baylon Spector: Saturday night will be legendary

Baylon Spector: Saturday night will be legendary


Baylon Spector: Saturday night will be legendary


With the Border War game between Clemson and Georgia just days away, we started off the week hearing from one half of “The Bruise Brothers,” linebacker Baylon Spector.

He kicked it off by sharing his excitement for the rivalry game in Bank of America Stadium. For him, it’s not just a “border war,” but past family ties to the Bulldogs make this game more personal.

Spector admitted to not knowing too many players on Georgia’s roster but did have some comments about their running backs.

“All of them are very explosive, quick, downhill runners, great in the
passing game. They do everything they can…utilize their backs, as they should, they’re all great backs.”

Spector’s thoughts on seeing Derion Kendrick wearing the black and red instead of the orange on Saturday: “He’s a talented player, he’ll be a great key for them. He had a ton of strengths, a ton of talents. I know he’s excited to play us, as we are them.”

When asked if Kendrick’s knowledge on the way the Tigers operate will be an advantage, Spector said, “Kendrick isn’t too focused on what he’s bringing from one to the other. It’s definitely tough to flip-flop and just be there for the summer, but I think he’ll just be focused on himself.”

An expected star player in Saturday’s matchup is Bulldogs quarterback J.T. Daniels. Spector agrees he’s legit, he’s a Heisman contender and he’s accurate. He thinks Daniels’ experience and intelligence are all things that make him dangerous.

History shows both teams are great on the road and both fan bases bring the heat, but only one can win. Spector said it best, “Saturday is to be a legendary night.”

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