Swinney has T-shirt idea and hashtag for Shipley

Swinney has T-shirt idea and hashtag for Shipley


Swinney has T-shirt idea and hashtag for Shipley


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney is known for his slogans and some have ended up on T-shirts. Monday night during his weekly radio show he came up with another one for freshman running back Will Shipley that he might want to Copyright.

“We need to get some tee shirts you know Ship Happens. I can see it right now #dealwithit,” said Swinney.

Clemson’s head man went on to talk about Shipley’s game-winning touchdown against Florida State.

“Man, what a run and the thing I love about Ship is he gets better as he goes.  The tougher it gets, the grindier it gets he just gets better,” Swinney said. “He gets stronger as the game goes. Man, he is something special.”

Check out some of Shipley’s action Saturday in Bart Boatwright’s Shipley Photo Gallery.



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