Packer shares 'crazy story' about Clemson DC Wes Goodwin

Packer shares 'crazy story' about Clemson DC Wes Goodwin


Packer shares 'crazy story' about Clemson DC Wes Goodwin


Wes Goodwin has garnered the nickname “Wes-lichick” — likening Goodwin’s football acumen to that of New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

During his recent media availability, Clemson’s new defensive coordinator/linebackers coach was asked if he likes the “Wes-lichick” moniker.

“Hey, that started way back in the day at Mississippi State,” said Goodwin, who graduated from Mississippi State, earning his undergraduate degree in 2007 and Master’s degree in 2009 while working as a student assistant and graduate assistant for the Bulldogs.

“Hopefully one day, maybe, I can be mentioned in the same sentence as Bill Belichick. He’s the best of all time. I have so much respect for what he’s done over the years. Eight Super Bowls, countless other opportunities and accomplishments. So, it’s a fun name to be thrown around. Hopefully one day I live up to that.”

Goodwin was also asked if he in fact has a photographic memory, as some believe he does.

“That’s what they say,” he said. “I don’t know if I’ve been clinically diagnosed with that.”

On the Packer and Durham show on the ACC Network, Mark Packer and Kelly Gramlich, who co-hosted the show Wednesday, discussed Goodwin, his football genius and the Belichick comparisons.

Former Clemson All-ACC offensive lineman and current ACCN analyst Eric Mac Lain recently had high praise for Goodwin, and Packer recalled a story he was told by Mac Lain about Goodwin and his insane football memory:

Gramlich: “I have not met him. I know Mac knows him, so I’ve heard from Mac, and Mac calls him a genius.”

Packer: “Yeah, Eric was telling me stories the other night when he was here at the house. Because I asked him the same question. I said, give me the lowdown on Goodwin. So, he gave me this crazy story about when he was in school, and they’d say, ‘What was the 34th play today at practice?’ And he just went [snapping fingers].”

Gramlich: “You need to go get him clinically diagnosed because he does have a photographic memory it seems.”

Packer: “Some guys just remember that kind of stuff. All I know is when I played golf, if you said, ‘Hey Pack, what did you do on the 15th hole?’ Man, I couldn’t tell you. ‘I hit a driver to the left side, 85 yards, I hit a 5-iron, tried to cut it, terrible shot, it was in the woods, made a 9.’ I could give you all that. But when guys started asking, ‘What was the 34th play at practice and what did you see?’ And he said he just rattled it off like he had a baloney sandwich at lunch. So, I don’t know the guy. But everybody says he’s got one of those special gifts with all that. So, we’ll see.”

Gramlich: “He reminds me a little bit of Belichick, I can see it. Cut from the same cloth. He just needs the cutoff sweatshirt now.”

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