Why Shipley's confident that Clemson's offense will be better this season

Why Shipley's confident that Clemson's offense will be better this season


Why Shipley's confident that Clemson's offense will be better this season


There’s a different feel about Clemson’s offense leading into this season.

Just ask Will Shipley.

Speaking with reporters for the first time since the end of last season, Clemson’s sophomore running back dished on a number of topics, but mainly focused on the team’s “new look” offense and why they should be able to produce more going forward.

“It’s totally different than last year,” Shipley said. “I feel like just the camaraderie and chemistry…we’re all tighter and everybody’s so locked in. We just all have a common goal and you’re either helping that goal or hurting that goal. Everybody in that room wants to help it, whether that’s studying a couple extra minutes of film or picking up different playsheet installs to really get locked in — we’re all doing it.”

Shipley admitted that things got put into perspective for the Tigers this past season, taking a line from Clemson coach Dabo Swinney. If he learned anything from last season it’s that they have to respect each opponent and appreciate every win. 

Needless to say, the unit is galvanized by last season’s struggles and Shipley even said that as an offense, Clemson needs to produce to help out its defense a little more than it did the season before.

Of course, Clemson’s offense will look a little different this upcoming season, as Brandon Streeter was promoted to offensive coordinator, while Kyle Richardson became the team’s passing game coordinator, in addition to coaching the tight ends.

“It’s just more simplistic and more genuine,” Shipley said. “Coach Streeter, he’s really listening to us. He’s not only the authority, but we feel like there’s respect both ways. Not saying there wasn’t with Coach (Tony) Elliottt, but kind of stepping up from that freshman to sophomore year, taking a little bit of a bigger role, I’ve definitely noticed it. It’s just like I said, a little more simple. Everybody can understand it better, but we’re moving faster. It’s more efficient. We’re trying to up the tempo a little bit and get the ball in the (playmakers) hands.”

So with that, why is Shipley so confident that Clemson’s offense will be better this upcoming season?

“Experience, chemistry, just the feel around the locker room,” he said. “Everybody’s got confidence and like I said, me from my freshman to my sophomore year, I can tell you that the game has slowed down tenfold from what it was last year. I can remember the first time I stepped on the field against Georgia, I didn’t know what the hell was going on. Today, I see things happening before they do. I see stunts. I see where the backers are going. It’s just little things like that and so many things go into it, but I can already notice it.”

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