What We Heard: Adam Randall

What We Heard: Adam Randall


What We Heard: Adam Randall


On Monday, Sep. 19, freshman receiver Adam Randall spoke to the media ahead of Clemson’s game versus Wake Forest this Saturday.

After his first game under the lights of Memorial Stadium, Randall expressed how playing on that field, under those lights and with the Clemson crowd, was truly a dream come true. 

“Ever since I was a little kid, it was just a dream come true, just coming down the hill,” he said. “It’s been a dream for me for a long time and ever since I got hurt, I never knew a timeline for when I got back. I felt like I attacked rehab and got back faster than later. So, just being able to be back out there around Week Three and just going out there to play under the lights and having amazing fans and being able to be out there during a night game was amazing. It was a really exciting night for me and I was really looking forward to it, so I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

Randall, who suffered his ACL injury during the spring, made a remarkably quick comeback to the field in just Week Three of the season. He insisted that he feels back in full form and that his confidence in his speed and route running has come as a by-product of his mentality going through rehab.

“A lot of rehab,” he said. “I didn’t really go home as much this summer as a lot of the other guys did. I maybe spent ten days at home this summer throughout the entire summer ever since spring, but really attacking rehab. Being here every day and being with Pat Richards, our new trainer. He had a really good game plan for me.”

“I was up here two to three hours a day just doing rehab, but I knew that’s what it was going to take.”

Randall reached out to former Clemson wide receiver Amari Rodgers, who gave Randall some advice for accelerating the healing process and being able to best approach the recovery of an ACL injury.

“He just told me to do certain things with my knee, specifically,” he said. “And just be able to attack rehab and keep your mind to it. Take your abilities on the field and in the weight room and apply them in the training room. Once I did that, I knew every day I had to take the abilities I have on the field and apply that in the training room. I knew I was going to get back better.”

Randall now is focusing on taking each game as an opportunity to compete at the highest level and channel his love for the game into improving each week of his freshman season. 

“Just being able to go out there and do what I do and do what I’ve done since I was a little kid, just play football and try to compete at the highest level,” he said. And that’s one thing we talk about a lot, just being able to compete and that’s what I’m going to try to do. Go out there and compete for every pass, every ball, every play and give it my all.”

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