ESPN analysts split on Swinney’s comments on Ohio State

ESPN analysts split on Swinney’s comments on Ohio State


ESPN analysts split on Swinney’s comments on Ohio State


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney has a clear and strong opinion on the debate about whether an Ohio State team that will have played only six games this season should make the College Football Playoff over a team like Texas A&M or Florida who has played several more games and put together a more complete resume.

The Buckeyes remained at No. 4 in the latest CFP rankings released Tuesday, followed by the Aggies at No. 5 and the Gators at No. 6.

“If I was on a committee, it would be hard for me to leave out a 10-1 Texas A&M or an 11-game Florida team over a team that’s played six games,” Swinney said on the Rich Eisen Show on Thursday.

During ESPN’s College Football Live show Friday, college football analysts David Pollack and Jim Mora weighed in on what Swinney said about Ohio State and differed a bit in opinion on his comments.

Although Pollack doesn’t think the Buckeyes are the same caliber of team that went 13-1 last season with their only loss coming to Clemson in the CFP semifinal at the Fiesta Bowl, he still sees Ohio State as a top-four team this season, though he concurred with Swinney about the significant disparity in number of games played.

“I agree. Body of work,” Pollack said. “And listen, you can tell me Ohio State’s better (than A&M and Florida), and I do think Ohio State’s better. But Ohio State has also lost to Purdue and Iowa two and three seasons ago that they were a really good team as well. I’ll say this about this Ohio State team – they’re not even close to what they were a year ago. But they’re still a really good team, and if you’re going to ask me to put them in the top four, I think they’re in the top four. But you do have to play games, you have to earn your way there, so I’m fascinated to see what the committee does.”

Mora agreed with Pollack that Ohio State is a superior team to A&M and Florida, but questioned whether Swinney should have made the comments he did about the Buckeyes.

“I agree with David absolutely, and I can understand Dabo playing a little gamesmanship there,” Mora said. “I don’t know that it needs to be said, but I do agree with David. I like what those other two teams have done.”

On the other hand, Pollack seemed to like Swinney stirring the pot a little bit and creating some drama.

“Tweak it, Dabo! Tweak it, baby. Let’s go!” Pollack said, laughing.

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