National writer takes potshot at Lawrence's latest comments

National writer takes potshot at Lawrence's latest comments


National writer takes potshot at Lawrence's latest comments


Trevor Lawrence cannot win for lose.

After being criticized for saying in a Sports Illustrated article earlier this week that he does not carry a chip on his shoulder, the former Clemson quarterback is now being criticized for coming out Saturday and explaining himself better.

Lawrence took to social media on Saturday to try and clear up the controversy surrounding his comments in the SI article. But now, at least one national sportswriter is calling out the future first-overall pick for showing he cares.

“So he’s extremely driven to be great in a healthy way. But his life doesn’t revolve around football,” writes NBC’s Mike Florio. “And he lacks the unhealthy obsession with proving people wrong or rectifying every slight that may come his way.

“Maybe he’ll acquire it. The mere fact that reactions to his comments prompted him to explain them shows that he hears criticism, and that it bothers him. That’s the first step toward using that criticism as part of the reason to show up early, to stay late, and to bust his ass every second in between — and then some.”

It is obvious, Florio is not paying attention to Lawrence or his work ethic. The Carterville, Ga., native, who is presumed to be the first overall pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the April 29 NFL Draft, is known as a guy who already stays late to watch film, works after practice, and busts his ass every second in between.

How many guys does Florio know that is already considered the No. 1 overall pick in the draft and goes against the advice of his agent to have a pro day workout though he needs surgery? I guess Mr. Florio forgot about Lawrence’s Pro Day at Clemson on Feb. 12, four days before having surgery on his left shoulder.

I agree with Lawrence. He does not have anything to prove to anybody. Not everyone needs a chip on their shoulders to be great. Motivation comes in all forms and if Lawrence’s comes because he just loves playing the game, there is nothing wrong with it.

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