Clemson coach comments on Radakovich and Miami

Clemson coach comments on Radakovich and Miami


Clemson coach comments on Radakovich and Miami


One of Clemson’s coaches commented on Dan Radakovich amid some reports that the Tigers’ athletic director was leaving to take the same position at the University of Miami, where he received his MBA.

This morning we gave the latest information on the situation. As of the writing of this article, we still do not have confirmation that Radakovich and Miami have finalized a deal. We know Miami and Radakovich have continued conversations on Saturday. We expect a resolution before the end of the weekend.

Following the Clemson men’s basketball team’s loss to Miami on Saturday in Coral Gables, Fla., Clemson head coach Brad Brownell was asked about the situation and expressed his support for Radakovich regardless of the direction he and his wife, Marcie, choose to go.

“Whatever he does, what he and Marcie decide, I’ll 100-percent support him,” Brownell said. “He’s been great to me and my family at Clemson. He’s an outstanding leader. He’s done a lot at Clemson. He’s really helped with the facilities. I think he’s done a lot of internal things within the department that have streamlined a lot of things to really make us run efficiently. He hires good people. He’s just a first-class, top-notch AD. Obviously, it’s why he’s been to so many places and had so much success.

“Certainly would hate to lose him if he decides to leave, but if that’s what he wants to do, I’d be extremely happy for he and Marcie. They’re great people and they’ve been extremely productive at their time at Clemson.”

Brownell also talked about what Radakovich — who has been Clemson’s AD since December 2012 and led the upgrade to many athletic facilities at Clemson — is like as an AD and how important he has been in terms of the athletic department’s development.

“I think he’s great,” Brownell said. “He doesn’t micro-manage his coaches. He lets you do your job. He asks you how he can help and support, but he’s not in your office every week telling you who to recruit, who to schedule, and what to do. He lets us coaches coach and tries to serve in a way of mentoring and making sure you need the things to be successful. I think he’s got a great big picture of what universities need and athletic departments because he’s been doing it so long.”

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